Your Privacy takes your privacy seriously. You do not need to provide us with any information about yourself unless you choose to become a member. Members are asked to provide some personal information which is held securely and used solely to serve the internal requirements of our website. We will never share your information with any third parties.

Members are able to submit content to the website and if you choose to do so then your full name will be displayed adjacent to the submission that you make to give you credit and to add credibility and accountability. If you would prefer that your name never be published then you can do so by not submitting content to the site. If you are concerned about online identity fraud, we only ever publish your name if you make a submission and we do not hold your address or any of your financial details.

Cookies are small text files that exist in your computer to help websites recognise you as a previous visitor and store some of your preferences. does not require cookies but if they are enabled they are used to recognise you as a previous visitor and customise some settings in accordance with your preferences.

Website logs are standard across all websites and record each request for information that is processed by the website server. uses log files to record some basic information about activity on the website and we analyse this to get a picture of our levels of traffic.

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