You can add a new entry to you log by either uploading a tracklog in GPX format or specifying the first mountain on your route.
  How to Prepare your Tracklogs

Recording a tracklog

If you use either a GPS Receiver or GPS Data Logger then it can be configured to automatically record your location at a set distance or time interval. The output from this process is known as a Tracklog and each entry contains a coordinate pair, a time stamp and, where supported by your device, an elevation.

Once back at a computer you can recover this data from your device for further processing.

Cleaning a tracklog

Using a program such as Quo you can import your tracklog and review the points that have been stored. Unless you were careful to switch on your device at the precise start and end of your route, and to ensure that any previous tracklog information had been purged, then you will likely have some addtional track points that are not part of your route. You can use Quo to delete these by selecting them in the explorer window and pressing delete.

You may also find that if during your route your device lost signal and then re-aquired a positional fix, some less accurate points may be present and again these can be removed. What you should aim to end up with is a series of trackpoints that start and end at the correct location with any error points removed. Depending on how your device stores the recorded data it may have split your route across multiple segments. Our system will take account of this and use all points in all segments.

Converting to GPX

If you are using Quo then this is a very simple process. Ensure that you have saved your edited tracklog and then use the export tool to save the tracklog as GPX. If the data coming from your GPS device also included waypoints perhaps from the route you followed you do not have to delete these although there is no harm in doing so. Our system will only import the automatically recorded tracklog data.

Now that you have the data correctly describing your route simply upload your GPX file to the site and let determine the date, time and Mountains included in your route. You can keep the tracklog as part of your route log and review it on a topgraphic map. You can opt to share this data with other members and if you forged a different route from the ones we hold you can offer your tracklog as the starting point for preparing a new route.

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