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Sgurr Eilde Mor
Sgurr Eilde Mor is the most easterly of the Mamores.

It has a triangular summit overlooking Loch Eilde Mor with one long ridge NNE. The summit is scree and boulder with crags on the E flank.

Normal access is by the NW slopes at the base of which is the access path.

Sgurr Fhuaran
Sgurr Fhuaran is one of three Munros in a group of peaks on the N Glen Shiel ridge known as the "Five Sisters". The three Munros enclose Coire Domain to the E and to the W form the steep and rocky towering NE wall of Glen Shiel.

The main bulk of Sgurr Fhuaran lies to the E of the summit where its long and craggy E ridge and shorter and craggier NE ridge project into Gleann Lichd.

To the WNW a long ridge with fairly steep and rocky slopes offers a descent route for those not intending to complete the Five Sisters. Sgurr Fhuaran is connected to Sgurr na Carnach by its short steep S ridge and to Sgurr nan Saighead (929m, but not a Munro) by its steep narrow N ridge.

Sgurr Fiona
An Teallach is arguably Scotland's most beautiful and one of its most challenging mountains. The peaks of An Teallach are arranged in a semi-circle around Loch Toll an Lochain.

Sgurr Fiona lies to the NNW of the beautiful and challenging pinnacled ridge which includes Corrag Bhuide and Lord Berkely's Seat. Ascent routes are either from the col to Bidean a Ghlas Thuill (to the N) or via Corrag Bhuide from Sail Liath (to the SE).

This is a serious mountain for scramblers and those with a head for exposure.

The rock is largely red sandstone, which erodes to form smooth outlines with few cracks to provide hand or foot holds.Some of the scrambling can be bypassed but lower down and on sometimes exposed paths.

Sgurr Fuar-Thuill
Sgurr Fuar-Thuill is one of four Munros on the N side of Glen Strathfarrar but is set apart from the other three. Sgurr Fuar-Thuill is central of three similar sized peaks on a ridge connected at its E end to Sgurr a' Choire Ghlais. To the N of the ridge are steep slopes close to the summits.

The E peak, Creag Ghorm a' Bhealaich (1049m), has a narrow steep sided and, in places, rocky S ridge, which becomes less steep below 600m. The W peak, Sgurr na' Fearstaig (1015m), has a winding S ridge with a steep and rocky E face.

The normal ascent is via the path by Allt Toll a' Mhuic which leads to the coll between Sgurr na' Fearstaig and Sgurr Fuar-Thuill.

Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
Sgurr Mhic Choinnich is one of the more difficult peaks on the Black Cuillin Ridge.

The Cuillin are composed of gabbro rock which gives wonderful grip even when wet, but these mountains have steep faces and narrow ridges which invariably require scrambling or even rock-climbing to reach the summit.

The ascent of Sgurr Mhic Choinnich starts in Coire Laggan at the NE corner of the Loch. The only route accessible to non-climbers is up scree (very tiring) to the col then scramble SE to summit (exposed).

Sgurr Mhor
Sgurr Mor is the highest peak on Beinn Alligin and is a very distinctive mountain with its great cleft, the Eag Dubh, on its S face.

From the summit a ridge runs SW, curving S to a col below the rocky slopes of Tom na Gruach. The col is the normal ascent route, either from Tom na Gruach or from Coire Toll a Mhadaidh Mor to the E.

To the E of the summit a craggy ridge leads to Na Rathan with its rocky crest. This ridge is known as the Horns of Alligin. A traverse of the Horns, which requires scrambling, leads to a descent into Bealach a' Chomla.

Beinn Alligin is a relatively steep sided mountain with much of its slopes formed of terraced layers of red sandstone which erode to a rounded profile making hand and footholds difficult.

Sgurr Mor [Glen Kingie]
Sgurr Mor is a remote and isolated mountain on a ridge on the N side of Glen Kingie with steep S slopes and craggy N slopes. It can be approached from Sgurr nan Coireachan to the SW by following the ridge from An Eag or by ascending the col between An eag and Sgurr Bheag, from Glen Kingie, to join a path leading to the summit.

An ascent can also be made from Glen Kingie N to the col at the head of Coire Bhuidhe, then follow the path to the summit. You should climb its sister peak, the Corbett Sgurr an Fhurain, whilst there.

Sgurr Mor [Loch Fannaich]
Sgurr Mor is the highest mountain in the group known as the Fannaichs, which lie to the N of Loch Fannich. It occupies a central location and its high ridges link others in the group.

The summit is a steep cone with rocky corrie which occupies most of its NE face. This is generally a steep sided mountain but with rocky out-crops on its N slopes only.

Sgurr Mor has three ridges, NW to Carn na Criche (961m) giving access to Meall a' Chrasgaidh and Sgurr nan Clach Geala, SSW to Meall nam Peithirean leading to to Meall Gorm, and finally NE to Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich.

Sgurr na Banachdich
Sgurr na Banachdich is one of the peaks on the Black Cuillin Ridge located between Sgurr Dearg and Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh.

The ascent begins in Coire Na Banachdich E of the Window Buttress. The route, which it is marked by cairns, goes up a boulder filled gully then traverses above cliffs to Bealach na Banadaich. Continue S on ridge over minor tops to reach summit. There is some exposed scrambling on the crest.

An alternative and easier route WNW of the summit ascends the curved face between the two ridges, An Diallaid and Sgurr nan Gobhar.

Sgurr na Carnach
Sgurr na Carnach is one of three Munros on the N Glen Shiel ridge in the group known as the "Five Sisters".

The three Munros enclose Coire Domain to the E and to the W form the steep and rocky towering E wall of Glen Shiel. To the WNW, a single ridge leads down to Glen Shiel and whilst an ascent on the W slopes is possible, it is not recommended. The E slopes are also steep, and in places rocky.

Sgurr na Carnach is central of the three Munros and consequently it is normally ascended from Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe to the S or Sgurr Fuaran to the N.

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