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Sail Chaorainn
Sail Chaorainn lies to the Loch Cluanie and is the northerly neighbour of Sgurr nan Conbhairean. The summit ridge lies between the cliffs of Coire Mheadhoin to the E and steep craggy slopes overlooking Gleann na Cicheto the W.

N of the summit a narrow winding ridge leads to Tigh Mor na Seilge (929m) from where a descent into Gleann na Ciche is possible. To the S lies a small plateau leading to two narrow ridges, a SSW ridge connecting to Sgurr nan Conbhairean, and a very narrow ESE ridge to Carn a Mhadaidh-ruaidh from where a descent via An Reithe (845m) can be made into Coire Dho.

This mountain is normally climbed with Sgurr nan Conbhairean from Strath Cluanie.

Saileag is the lowest of the Munros on the N side of Glen Shiel, and its summit lies at the convergence of three ridges.

The long rocky N ridge forms the head-wall of Gleann Lichd and connects with the lower slopes of Beinn Fhada. To the ESE a narrow ridge leads to Sgurr a' Bhealaich Dhearg and to the WSW a grassy ridge slopes down to Bealach an Lapain.

This bealach is the normal route of ascent from Glen Shiel and is also the ascent route for the Five Sisters which lie to the W. Saileag has steep grass S slopes and moderate but craggy N slopes.

Schiehallion is a long singular ridge, lying approximately E to W, with its summit located nearer the W end. The lower slopes are heather clad and the flanks are steep, the S being craggy and the N stony with rock outcrops.

Due to its unusual shape, Schiehallion, has one logical route of ascent from the E (where there is a car park) onto the N flank of the ridge then up the crest of the ridge to the summit.

Given the good access path and the simple topography Schiehallion is the perfect introduction to hill-walking.

Seana Bhraigh
Seana Bhraigh is one of the most remote Munros.

The minor second peak of Seana Bhraigh (906m) is at the NW margin of a high plateau with gentle inclines, and from here a broad ridge leads NW to the summit. The N slopes are steep with crags higher up and the W slopes are very steep with crags at the head of Cadha Dearg.

There are four main ridges, NW curving N to Meall nam Bradhan giving an ascent route from Glen Douchary, NE to minor top (760m) giving an ascent route from the path from Strath Mulzie, the Creag an Duine ridge NNE gives an ascent route for scramblers, and finally a broad ridge SSE to Meall Feith na Slataich (ca760m) which is accessible from the Inverlael in the W on the path through Coire an Lochain Sgeirich.

Sgairneach Mhor
The summit of Sgairneach Mhor lies close to the cliffs of Coire Creagach.

To the E of the corrie a narrow NE ridge forms the normal ascent route from the track in Coire Dhomhain. To the W of the corrie the short N ridge leads to steep rocky slopes.

The broad W ridge has steep N slopes but gentle S slopes leading down to the broad bealach at the head of Coire Dhomhain, which connects to Beinn Udlamain.

S slopes are gentle, and a broad S ridge connects to Mam Ban, 919m.

Sgiath Chuil
Sgiath Chuil has a craggy summit ridge running N-S with three tops, Sgiath Chrom (853m) to the S, Meall a' Churain (917m) to the N and the summit midway between them. The Ridge continues N to Creag an t-Searraich overlooking Glen Lochay.

Also from Meall a' Churain a long twisting ridge runs E over several minor tops. Meall a' Churain can be ascended from the bealach to the W where it connects to Beinn Cheataich and therefore to Meall Glas. An ascent to this bealach is also possible via the track from Lubchurran in Glen Lochay.

The usual ascent route is from Auchessan in Glen Dochart on the SW slopes of Sgiath Chrom.

Sgor an Lochain Uaine
Sgor an Lochain Uaine is a picturesque mountain with Lochan Uaine (little green loch) cradled high on its slopes. Its craggy slopes form the S andW walls of An Garbh Coire and it faces Braeriach across the corrie (to the N).

It has easy slopes to the S and W. This mountain is normally climbed from Cairn Toul to its SE, but can also be climbed from Glen Feshie or Gleann Einich to the W.

Sgor Gaibhre
Sgor Gaibhre, a compact conical topped mountain is connected to its nearest neighbour, Sgor Choinnich (1km N), by a high pass, Bealach nan Sgor (800m).

Sgor Gaibhre has two broad ridges; a W ridge which leads down to a broad boggy bealach, the Mam Ban, and is the access route from Carn Dearg, and a S ridge leading to Beinn Pharlagain. E slopes are steep and craggy whereas W slopes have gentle inclines.

Normal access routes are from Carn Dearg via the Mam Ban or from Meall Nanthrach onto Sgor Choinnich then via the Bealach nan Sgor.

Sgor Gaoith
Sgor Gaoith is the highest point on the cliffs overlooking Loch Einich, therefore the whole E flank of this mountain is steep and rocky. From the broad summit plateau N linking to Sgoran Dubh Mor (1111m) a ridge runs NW leading to tracks through the forests to Feshiebridge.

Beyond Sgoran Dubh Mor a long narrow ridge continues N and a shorter ridge NW, both with moderate slopes. To the W of the summit the slopes moderate to steep, and this is the shortest ascent route. To the S the broad ridge descends gently to 1000m then broadens to join the Moine Mhor where paths and tracks lead to Glen Feshie

Sgor na h-Ulaidh
Sgor na h-Ulaidh lies far enough from roads to be seldom seen, but it is a steep craggy mountain well worth a visit.

Sgor na h-Ulaidh lies at the head of Glen Creran but is not easy to access from here. The normal access routes are from Gleann-leac-na-muidhe, to the N, following the path by the Allt na Muidhe to ascend SE onto the N ridge of Stob an Fhuarain, you can also ascend directly to the col between Sgor na h-Ulaidh and Stob an Fhuarain (968m) but this is more difficult.

Finally, you can ascend from Glen Etive, by first ascending Meall a' Bhuird (748m) then following the SE ridge to the summit. The route from Gleann-leac-na-muidhe gives better views of the mountain but is steeper and more challenging.

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