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Meall nan Aighean
Meall nan Aighean is a broad mountain with twin summits, the NE top being 7m higher. It has three ridges, a W ridge with gentle slopes down to Inverar, a broad craggy S ridge and a long E ridge leading to Beinn Dearg, overlooking Fortingall.

To the S and W, the terrain is generally easy to moderate grass slopes with scattered rock outcrops, but the E ridge is steep and craggy on its N flank overlooking the higher reaches of Gleann Muilinn and on its S flank (Creag Mhor), and should be avoided.

Meall nan Ceapraichean
Meall nan Ceapraichean and Eididh nan Clach Geala are sister peaks flanking a high corrie containing a small loch, Lochan a' Chnapaich.

The steep and craggy W slopes of Meall nan Ceapraichean overlook Gleann na Squaib and together with the crags of Beinn Dearg produce a narrow crag lined pass.

The main summit ridge runs E 2.5km to a minor top, Cnap Coire Loch Tuath then turns ENE towards Gleann Beag. This ridge has very steep and craggy S slopes but they are easy to moderate.

There is also a short SE ridge with easy slopes leading to the bealach at the head of Gleann na Squaib where the path from Inverlael terminates. This bealach also provides access to Cona' Meall and Beinn Dearg.

Meall nan Con
Meall nan Con is the highest top of Ben Kilbreck, a large mountain with long ridges. W of the summit is a shoulder A' Chioch (747m) with craggy NW slopes from where a ridge runs S to Carn an Fheidh (808m) then divides to produce several branches.

The usual and shortest ascent route is from the A836 road to the col N of Carn an Fheidh but an ascent is also possible from the S on the path through Beallach Easach. The long NE ridge to the minor top Meall Ailein (724m) does not lead to an access route but its SE ridges are accessible from the road to Alldalaird.

Meall nan Eun
Meall nan Eun is a relatively compact rocky peak at the head of Glen Ceitlein. It lies to the E of Stob Coir an Albannaich, to which it is connected by Meall Tarsuinn and this is one of the main ascent routes.

The other major route is through Glen Ceitlein, on the path to the N of Allt Ceitlein, into Coire Riabach and up the W ridge of Meall nan Eun. An ascent from W ridge of Stob Gabhar is also possible, but the N face of Meall nan Eun has difficult rock slabs.

The final possible route is from Loch Tulla to the E (parking at Victoria Bridge), but this leads to difficult rocky E and S slopes and is not recommended.

Meall nan Tarmachan
Meall nan Tarmachan is the most easterly of a group of 4 hills, known as the Tarmachan Ridge, and although it is the only Munro, there are two other peaks over 1000m on the ridge.

Meall nan Tarmachan has two peaks, the smaller (923m) SE peak being separated from the summit by the crags on Cam Chreag through which the ascent path travels necessitating a minor scramble.

A second, long, ridge runs N to Creag an Lochain and forms the W shore of Lochan nan Lairige. A third ridge SW connects to Meall Garbh and the other members of the Tarmachan Ridge.

The terrain is generally easy to moderate grass slopes but with many crags requiring careful navigation. Traverse of the ridge requires further easy scrambling.

Monadh Mor
Mondah Mor forms the head wall of Glen Geusachan with its steep rocky E slopes. It has two tops of similar size, the more northern being higher by 3m, but neither is a distinct peak.

To the S are gentle slopes over featureless moorland leading to Glen Geldie. To the N a ridge with moderate to gentle slopes leads to the plateau of the Moine Mor, from where tracks lead to Glen Feshie.

A descent NNE towards Loch nan Stuirteag then SSE by the Allt Clais an t-Sabhail leads into Glen Geusachan. 2km W of the summit lie the steep craggy slopes of Leth-chreag overlooking Glen Eidart. Mondah Mor is normally climbed with Beinn Bhrothain via the col at the head of Coire Cath nam Fionn.

Moruisg is a steep sided mountain with easier slopes near the summit. Its craggy W slopes form the E wall of Coire Toll nam Bian, with the col at the head of the corrie leading to Sgurr nam Ceannaichean.

NW from the summit the easy to moderate slopes facilitate ascent from Glen Carron. NE of the summit there are steep slopes down to a boggy plateau. S of the summit the slopes are initially gentle then fall steeply, yet there is path on this slope down to Glenuaig Lodge where a track returns to Glen Carron.

Mount Keen
Mount Keen is the most easterly Munro and an isolated mountain with tracks leading to it from the N and S making easy access by cycle.

It has a conical summit cone, from which broad ridges lead S to Glen Mark, N to Glen Tanar, NE and E to connect to Braid Cairn. There are crags on the E flank of the N ridge but otherwise all slopes are easy.

Mullach an Rathain
The imposing mass of Liathach dominates Glen Torridon and Upper Loch Torridon with its steep terraced sandstone slopes.

Of the six peaks along the summit ridge, two have been ranked as Munros, but the whole ridge should be traversed. As the ridge is normally climbed E to W, Mullach an Rathain is near the end of the route.

From Mullach an Rathain the main ridge continues W and a descent can be made towards Torridon House, but there are also ridges NE to Meall Dearg, E to Spidean a Choire Leith (the main ridge) and S curving SE enclosing a corrie from through which a descent can be made to Glen Torridon.

Have no doubt that this is a serious mountain.

Mullach Clach a' Bhlair
Mullach Clach a' Bhlair is little more than a gentle rise on the SW margin of the Moine Mhor, a high moreland plateau.

As a track leads from Glen Feshie to within 300m of the summit it is an easy walk and should offer no problems unless you lose the road! N.B. the access track takes you close to crags of Coire Garbhlach.

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