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Meall Chuaich
The summit cone of Meall Chuaich lies at the junction of three main ridges. A W ridge leads to the crags of Stac Meall Chuaich then turns SW and leads down to the track by the Allt Coire Chuaich (this is the normal ascent route).

There is a broad N ridge and and much broader NE ridge (Carn Thomais). Inclines are mostly moderate but there are some steep slopes E of the summit and the lower NW slopes are generally steeper.

Meall Corranaich
Meall Corranaich is separated from the rest of the Lawers Ridge by Coire Odhar through which an old drove road passes from Coire Odhar into Coire a' Chobhair.

The easiest ascent of this mountain is from the bealach at the head of Coire Odhar up a short rocky ridge to the summit.

Meall Corranaich is elongated in a N to S direction by two long ridges. The main ridge leads N then splits to give a narrow N ridge leading to Meall a' Choire Leith and larger NW ridge, with a rocky summit, which forms the S wall of Coire Gorm. There is also a long narrow S ridge offering an alternative route from the National Trust Visitor Centre with its large car park.

Meall Dearg
Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh are two Munros separated by a narrow rocky and exposed ridge known as the Aonach Eagagh (Notched ridge). As there is no safe way off the ridge between these peaks they are usually climbed together.

The normal ascent of the Aonach Eagach is to the col between Am Bodach and Sron Garbh to the E. The scrambling is scary rather than technically difficult, but do not attempt this peak unless your are comfortable with scrambling in exposed locations.

Meall Dearg can be ascended without traversing the ridge via its NW facing ridge - an easy route, but the return will be by the same route.

Meall Garbh [Glen Lyon]
Meall Garbh has twin peaks, with the NW peak being the true summit. The slopes are mostly easy to moderate grass with craggy outcrops but the summit plateau is stony. There is easy access to the top without scrambling.

The N slopes are gentle leading down to Glen Sassunn where a track continues to Kinloch Rannoch.

The broad W ridge connects to An Sgorr (928m) the summit of which can be bypassed to the NW to reach Carn Gorm.

To the S lies a broad ridge leading to moderate slopes down to Glen Lyon and to the E another broad ridge connects to Meall a' Bharr and on to Carn Mairg.

Meall Garbh [Lawers region]
Meall Garbh is much bulkier than its neighbour, An Stuc, though identical in altitude. The broad summit lies close to the narrow SW ridge, with some crags, leading to An Stuc. There are a further four broad ridges making for an easy ascent from most directions.

The terrain is grass with some outcrops and the steepest slopes lie to the S and SE (Creag a' Bhuic). Meall Garbh is normally climbed from the Lawers Burn to the bealach between it and Meall Greigh. It is also accessed from An Stuc as part of the Lawers Ridge.

Meall Ghaordaidh
Meall Ghaordaidh is a large sprawling hill located between Glen Lochay, from where it appears as a rounded featureless hill, and Glen Lyon where its craggy N ridges Creag Laoghain and Creag an Tulbhain are revealed.

Meall Ghaordaidh also has a long SE ridge with easy slopes to the path (not shown on map) on the W bank of the Allt Dhuin Crosg and this is the usual ascent route.

Meall Glas
Meall Glas lies at one end of a curved ridge with Beinn Cheathaich (937m) at the other, with both ends of the ridge leading into Glen Lochay. Meall Glas can be climbed from Glen Lochay from the track by the Lubchurran Burn, but is mostly climbed from the S on easy and often boggy slopes.
Meall Gorm
Meall Gorm is one of the group known as the Fannaichs, which lie to the N of Loch Fannich. Meall Gorm and An Coileachan lie to the SE of the group and tend to be climbed together.

Meall Gorm has fairly level summit ridge 1.5km long which, to the SE, descends to a col linking to An Coileachan and to the NW a long winding and undulating ridge connects to Sgurr Mor. A third ridge bears S and on it a path leads down to Fannich house.

Meall Greigh
Meall Greigh is normally considered part of the Ben Lawers ridge, although it is separated from Meall Garbh by a broad bealach linking Coire nan Cat to Coire nam Buidheag.

The ascent of Meall Greigh along with Meall Garbh is normally from the Lawers Burn to this bealach on easy slopes.

This is a broad mountain with easy to moderate slopes in all directions. Whilst there are some crags to the S of the summit (Sron Mhor) the terrain is generally grass with some rock outcrops.

Meall na Teanga
Meall na Teanga is a complex steep sided mountain with many ridges and corries. Three short ridges run NNW, NE to Meall Dubh, and SE.

The ascent from Cam Bealach is normally from the col between Meall na Teanga and Meall Dubh up the NE ridge.

A SW ridge runs between Coire Lochain and Coire Odhar Beag then splits W to Meall Odhar and S to Meall Coire Lochain. From both these tops ridges continue SW with gentle to moderate slopes down to Gleann Cia-aig.

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