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Mam Sodhail
Mam Sodhail and Carn Eighe are twin peaks on a crescent shaped ridge of mountains which enclose Gleann a' Choilich. Mam Sodhail has a triangular pyrimidal summit cone at the convergence of three ridges.

The longest ridge runs ESE 3.5km to Sgurr na Lapaich (1036m, not the Munro!) and is a possible ascent route. To the N a short narrow ridge connects to Carn Eighe. The third ridge (SSW) leads to two longer ridges (SE) which enclose Coire Leachavie and Corie Coulavie. A path in Coire Leachavie ascends to the SSW ridge 500m from the summit.

Maoile Lunndaidh
Maoile Lunndaidh is a remote and isolated peak. It is a large and complex mountain with two peaks (Maoile Lunndaidh and Carn nam Fiaclan) separated by a narrow ridge between two corries, Fuar-tholl Mor to the NW and Toll a' Choin to the SE.

The only feasible access without camping is from Gleann Fhiodhaig to the N. The normal ascent routes, are the NNW ridge of Maoile Lunndaidh keeping E of the crags overlooking Gleann Fhiodhaig, or the NW ridge of Carn nam Fiaclan (996m) from the path by An Crom-allt. It is also possible to follow this path higher and ascend the W ridge of Carn nam Fiaclan.

Maol Chean-Dearg
Maol Chean-Dearg is one of three Munros, between Glen Torridon and Glen Carron. Paths between the two glens encircle this mountain making for easy access but the route from Glen Carron is shorter.

Maol Chean-Dearg is a steep sided and rocky mountain, the summit cone in particular being boulder strewn. The less steep ascent is by the SE ridge, which has two shoulders to break the ascent from Bealach a' Choire Ghairbh.

The Path from Coulags to Loch Coire an Ruadh-staic branches and ascends to the base of the SE ridge at the bealach and this is the preferred approach route.

Maol Chinn-dearg
Maol Chinn-dearg is one of the 7 Munros on the 14km long South Glen Shiel Ridge.

The ridge has steep slopes to the S and is very craggy with many corries to the N. The traverse follows the scalloped rims of the corries between peaks. The ridge may be climbed in two sections E and W but individual peaks are not easily accessed and do not require individual descriptions.

Maol Chinn-dearg is the most westerly peak in the E section and hence the exit point if the whole ridge is not to be traversed. The NE ridge of Maol Chinn-dearg, Druim Coire nan Eirecheanach, has a path on its crest leading down to Glen Shiel.

The shape of Mayar is difficult to define as it is effectively a summit on the SE edge of a high moorland plateau. Its NW slopes are consequently gentle as are the NE, for about 1km from the summit, then the ground falls away with crags overlooking Glen Doll.

There is an access route through the crags SSE of the Fee Burn waterfall. S and E of the summit the slopes are moderate to steep with some crags and to the E gentle slopes lead down to the main access path on the Shank of Drumfollow and to a narrow col connecting to Driesh.

Meall a' Bhuiridh
On the NE slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh lies the White Corries Ski Centre and consequently the slopes are cluttered with ski lifts and tracks high on its slopes. In fact you can get close to the summit by ski lift in winter.

In summer, an ascent of Meall a' Bhuiridh should be combined with its impressive neighbour Creise to which it is connected by a col on its SW ridge.

To ascend Meall a' Bhuiridh, follow the Allt nan Guibhas into the Coire Pollach then follow the N ridge to the summit.

Meall a' Choire Leith
Meall a' Choire Leith is an uncomplicated mountain with a single ridge running N where it terminates in rocky buttress of Sron Eich. S of the summit a col between Coire Liath and Coire Gorm leads to Meal Corrranaich.

The slopes are moderate and ascents are possible from Glen Lyon on track by Allt a' Chobhair, or from the road to the SW near Meall nan Eun (635m) across boggy ground, but by far the most usual ascent is from Meall Corranaich.

Meall a' Chrasgaidh
Meall a' Chrasgaidh is one of the group known as the Fannaichs, which lie to the N of Loch Fannich and is one of the more accessible with access paths to its W and E.

Meall a' Chrasgaidh approximates to a triangular pyramid with easy slopes to the W and S and steeper slopes to the N and E.

Normal ascent routes are via the NE ridge from the path by the Allt a' Mahadaidh or the WNW ridge on the path from Loch a' Bhraoin.

Meall Buidhe [Glen Lyon North]
From the gently rounded summit, a ridge runs N to the steep and craggy Meall Garbh. To the E of Meall Garbh a path from Bridge of Gaur in Glen Rannoch gives a possible but long access route. The ridge S from the summit turns SSE to a minor top (917m) then E to Meall a' Phuill (878m).

The normal ascent route is from road by the dam at Loch an Daimh to Meall a' Phuill on easy slopes.

Meall Buidhe [Knoydart]
Meall Buidhe and Luinne Bheinn are steep rocky mountains in the remote Rough Bounds of Knoydart.

Meall Buidhe is a complex mountain with two peaks on its summit ridge, the true summit lies to the NW and at the other end is the South-east Top (942m). From the summit, ridges run N to Druim Torc-Choire and W to Druim Righeanaich giving an easy route from the path in Gleann Meadail. From the SE top ridges run NE to Meall Coire na Gaoithe'n Ear, which is the route to Luinne Bheinn, and SE to Sgurr Sgeithe.

An alternative ascent route on S slopes is from Mam Meadail to the col between Meall Buidhe and Sgurr Sgeithe.

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