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Carn an Righ
Carn an Righ is a compact mountain, with a conical top, at the junction of three short ridges W (to Stac na h-Iolair), NE and SE . The S slopes are stony and steep as are the slopes to the N of the NE ridge where there are also some crags.

Ascent is normally via the more gentle slopes to the E of the S ridge.

Carn an t-Sagairt Mor
Carn an t-Sagairt Mor has a conical summit elongated SE to NW. To the SE of the summit lies the broad moorland plateau of Cairn Bannoch.

To the N moderate slopes give way to more gentle inclines leading to tracks through the Ballochbuie Forest to Bridge of Dee. To the W there are moderate to steep slopes down to Loch Callater.

Finally, to the NE a broad col connects to Carn an t-Sagairt Beag, beyond which lies the crags of The Stuic overlooking Loch nan Eun.

Carn an Tuirc
Carn an Tuirc lies on the NW margin of an undulating plateau. It has a flat summit with steep slopes to the S and W, steep and craggy slopes into Glen Callater to the E but gentle slopes to the N.

It has one long ridge running NE then NNW along which a path/track leads to Glen Callater. From the N slopes a path leads W to the road in Glen Clunie and to the SE it is connected to Cairn of Claise by a broad col.

Carn Aosda
Carn Aosda is an exceptionally easy ascent, starting at 650m with a track leading to the summit.

The mountain is elongated with the summit at the S of the mountain and a 4km long ridge leading N down to Baddoch. A smaller NE ridge is created by a corrie N of the summit and here are some steep rocky slopes. Slopes are otherwise moderate to easy.

This mountain is littered with ski equipment on its S slopes.

Carn Bhac
Carn Bhac is the highest point in a complex mass of hills and glens. The summit ridge is oriented NE to SW with a 3km long summit plateau. The summit lies at the NE end of this plateau, and Carn a' Butha (907m) at the SW end.

There are two broad SE ridges, the more westerly of which connects to Beinn Iutheran Mhor. To the NW of the summit there are steep slopes into Coire Bhearnaist, to the NE the slopes are moderate, and to the S and E the slopes are gentle.

This is an easy climb but a long route requiring stamina.

Carn Dearg [Alder region]
The summit of Carn Dearg is located in the centre of a ridge more than 3km in length running from Dollaid a' Chairn (925m) in the WSW (which connects to Geal Charn) to a minor top (827m) overlooking the crags of Coire Sron an Nid to the NE.

The flanks of this long ridge are steep in places and the higher slopes of the summit are rocky. Normal ascent routes are from Culra bothy onto NE ridge or from Geal Charn via Dollaid a' Chairn.

Carn Dearg [Monadhliath]
Carn Dearg sits on the edge of the Monadhliath Plateau. It has a single ridge SSE of the summit, which is narrow steep sided and craggy and terminates in Carn Macoul, (805) overlooking Gleann Lochain. NW of the summit a broad col connects to Carn Ban (942m) located on the edge of the plateau.

The normal ascent is from the top of Gleann Ballach, ascending N of the crags and S of Carn Ban to attain the col, or over the high Monadhliath plateau from Carn Sgulain in the NE.

Carn Dearg [Rannoch region]
The summit of Carn Dearg lies at the intersection of three broad ridges, the longest running SSE almost 4km to Sron Leachd a Chaorainn (737m). A short ENE ridge leads steeply down to more gentle slopes and on to a broad boggy beallach, the Mam Ban, connecting to Sgor Gaibhre.

NW of the summit a third ridge splits to produce a W and a N branch. The E slopes are generally steep and rocky, whereas the W are slopes have a gentle incline.

The normal ascent from Corrour is via the easy slopes of the NW ridge.

Carn Eighe
Carn Eighe and Mam Sodhail are twin peaks on a crescent shaped ridge of mountains which enclose Gleann a' Choilich. Carn Eighe has a triangular pyrimidal summit cone at the convergence of three ridges.

The NNW ridge connects to Beinn Fionnlaidh via a col above Coire Lochan. The short SSW ridge connects to Mam Sodhail via a narrow col above Loch Uaine and is a normal ascent route. The long winding E ridge leads to Tom a Choinich 4.5km away, but after 2.5km, a descent SE to the path in Gleann nam Fiadh is possible.

Carn Ghluasaid
Carn Ghluasaid on the N shore of Loch Cluanie is elongated on E to W. The smooth S slopes, which rise steeply from the shores of the Loch, have few crags and a stalkers path gives easy access via the SW ridge.

In contrast the E and N slopes are craggy and steep. To the W a narrow col connects a minor top (998m) which allows access to Sgurr nan Conbhairean, another Munro.

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