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Bidean nam Bian
Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire Sgreamach are two peaks about 1km apart on a ridge running NW to SE from Glen Coe to Glen Etive. Collectively they have three ridges, running NE, the steep rocky ends of which are the Three Sisters which dominate Glen Coe.

Bidean nam Bian is the larger and more complex mountain. To the SE a steep ridge links to Stob Coire Sgreamach. To the NE a ridge leads to Stob Coire nan Lochan beyond which it splits to give two NE ridges, Aonach Dubh and Gearr Aonach, between which lies Coire nan Lochan.

The path into Coire nan Lochan facilitates an ascent of the grassy NW slopes of Gearr Aonach leading to the rocky E slopes of Stop Coire nan Lochan.

A further long ridge runs W turning NW to Stob Coire nam Beithe and on to An t-Sron to enclose Coire nam Beith. A well maintained path leads into this corrie from Glen Coe and once in the corrie, ascents can be made to the col between Stob Coire nan Lochan and Bidean nam Bian or the col between Stob Coire nam Beith and An t-Sron.

Bidein a' Choire Sheasgaich
Bidein a' Choire Sheasgaich is a remote mountain at the W tip of Loch Monar. It has a steep sided summit cone close to the craggy NE face and at the convergence of three ridges.

The SW ridge narrows as it approaches Sail Riabhach which overlooks Bendronaig Lodge by the Black Water. From the lodge a track connects to Attadale on the A890.

The N ridge is very craggy yet is the normal ascent route from Beinn Tharsuinn. The route follows a dry-stone wall then a grassy gully to avoid the worst of the rocky ascent.

The third ridge to the SE with its rocky N slopes connects to Lurg Mhor via a broad col.

Binnein Beag
Binnein Beag is a compact mountain with a conical summit of boulders and scree with crags to the W and NE. The slopes are of moderate incline, and the ascent is easy but with some scrambling over boulders.

Normal access is via the path that passes between Binnein Beag and Binnein Mor and up the W slopes.

Binnein Mor
Binnein Mor, which is the highest of the Mamores, has a S ridge which connects it to Na Gruagaichean via a minor top (1062m).

Binnein Mor has three other ridges, N, NE and ENE which enclose two craggy corries.

Normal ascent is by a scramble up the NE ridge or on the high ridge from Na Gruagaichean. Slopes are moderate but there are many crags.

Bla Bheinn
Bla Bheinn is not one of the Cuillin but an equally magnificent isolated mountain with steep rocky slopes.

The main rocky ridge of Bla Bheinn slopes upwards from Camas Fionnairigh Bay NNE to the summit. To the W the slopes fall steeply and precipitously to Srath na Creitheach. To the N, at the head of Coire Dubh, Bla Bheinn meets a narrow pinnacled ridge from Sgurr nan Each, the highest point on this ridge being Clach Glas (not named on OS map).

SSE of the summit Bla Bheinn meets with ridges of two smaller hills, An Stac and Slat Bheinn, to produce three corries. The most N of these Coire Uaigneich offers the easiest ascent route.

Ascend into Coire Uaigneich and continue on the N side of the burn flowing out of the corrie, then high into the corrie to where a path zig-zags N up the SE face.

The steep craggy slopes of Braeriach form the N and W walls of Coire Bhrochain, and the summit lies almost on the edge. The broad summit plateau is surrounded by steep slopes and crags.

To the E its steep rocky slopes form the western wall of a deep glen, the Lairig Ghru. Ascent is not recommended from either of these directions, as there are easier routes from the N-E and the W.

The north-east approach is from the Cairn Gorm approach road through the Chalamain Gap and onto Sron na Lairige, following a well worn path.

Braeriach can also be approached from Glen Feshie or Gleann Einich in the W or from Sgor an Lochain Uaine to the S following the western rim of An Garbh Coire.

Braigh Coire Chruinn-Bhalgain
Braigh Coire Chruinn-Bhalgain is a complex hill with its summit at the junction of four main ridges. The S ridge is short and branches with the more W branch connecting to Carn Liath and this is the normal access route.

There is a broad N ridge leading down to Carn Torcaidh and the cliffs of Creag Mor overlooking Glen Tilt. The SW ridge is also broad and leads to easy slopes above Glen Tilt.

The remaining ridge runs E to where a spur connects to Carn nan Gabhar (an alternative access route), then N where it divides to produce two parallel ridges.

Lower slopes are heather and the upper slopes grass with stony areas. Slopes are generally moderate, the steepest being to the SE of the summit and the only cliffs lie 2.5km to the N.

Broad Cairn
The summit of Broad Cairn is a cone elongated E to W. To the W a broad col connects to Cairn Bannoch via Cairn of Gowal (983m) and also bears NW to Creag an Dubh-loch.

There is a short broad S ridge and longer E ridge with a vehicle track leading towards the summit (this is the normal ascent route). The track becomes a path which follows the contours to the S of the summit.

Broad Cairn has a steep and craggy N face but all other slopes have moderate to gentle inclines.

Bruach na Frithe
Bruach na Frithe is one of the more northern peaks on the Black Cuillin Ridge.

The Cuillin are composed of gabbro rock which gives wonderful grip even when wet. These mountains have steep faces and narrow ridges which invariably require scrambling but Bruach na Frithe is an exception as it is an easy ascent.

The normal route up Bruach na Frithe is from Fionn Choire up its NNW ridge to reach the crest of the ridge then a scramble along the ridge to the summit.

Bynack More
Bynack More is an elongated conical top orientated N to S on the E margin of a high plateau that supports two other peaks Bynack Beag (964m) to the NW and A' Choinneach (1017m) to the S . Most slopes leading to the plateau are fairly steep and there are some rocky outcrops.

The normal ascent routes are from the N via the crest of Bynack More's N ridge, or from the Saddle overlooking Loch Avon via the SW ridge of A' Choinneach. Either way it is a longish walk in.

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