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Beinn Mhanach
Beinn Mhanach lies at the head of Gleann Ach'-innes Chailein overlooking Loch Lyon to the E. It is an uncomplicated mountain orientated E to W with two tops, the second being Beinn a' Chuirn (923m). To the S the slopes are smooth and moderately steep, but there are rocky outcrops on the N slopes.

Beinn Mhanach is normally ascended from the track in Srath Tarabhan up the S slopes to the col between Beinn Mhanach and Beinn a' Chuirn. It can also be climbed from Beinn Achaladair or Beinn an Dothaidh to the W, via the bealach at the head of Gleann Calliche again ascending to the same col.

Beinn Mheadhoin
Beinn Mheadhoin is an unusual mountain with its gently rounded summit plateau dominated by tors (rock outcrops) one of which is the summit. The N face of the summit tor is easily climbed.

The E slopes to the Lairig an Laoigh are steep with some rock crags, but routes can be found there. There are steep slopes and crags to the S, especially Stob Coire Etchachan, and crags to the W at Stacan Dubha, otherwise the slopes are moderate with grass and some heather lower down.

Beinn Mheadhoin is surrounded by a network of paths allowing it to be included in many routes.

Beinn na Lap
Beinn na Lap is an elongated mountain with easy slopes but with some crags on its E slopes. The summit is located at the convergence of three ridges.

The SW ridge is symmetrical with easy slopes on both flanks. The long NE ridge and the short ENE ridge have steeper slopes and crags on their SE flanks. Normal access is by S flank of the the SW ridge.

Beinn nan Aighenan
Beinn nan Aighenan is a remote hill at the head of Glen Kinglass. It has moderately steep slopes with rocky outcrops and some craggy areas, especially the N face.

Beinn nan Aighenan can be accessed from Glen Etive over the bealach between Ben Starav and Glas Bheinn Mhor then up the rocky NW ridge to the summit.

It can also be accessed via path from Loch Tulla in the E (parking available at Victoria Bridge) then up the rocky E ridge to the summit. Either route entails navigating between rocky outcrops but scrambling can be avoided.

Beinn Narnain
Beinn Narnain, which sits above Arrochar at the head of Loch Long, is a rocky topped hill.

It has three ridges, a short broad ridge WNW to Bealach a' Mhaim connecting to Beinn Ime and Ben Arthur, a long knobbly ridge NE to A'Chrois (848m), which is not a usual ascent route, and a craggy SE ridge.

The direct ascent route from Succoth leads to the SE ridge and this route takes you over and through rocky outcrops (not really scrambling) to the flat stony summit.

Beinn Sgritheall
Beinn Sgritheall is an isolated Munro overlooking Arnisdale on the shore of Loch Hourn.

It has a curved summit ridge with three tops, the summit which lies to the NE, a Middle Top (974m) and an East Top (906m). The S slopes are steep and stony with rocky outrops. From the summit ridge two ridges run NE, one curving NW, to enclose a high corrie. A third long ridge runs W to Creag an Taghain.

The W ridge offers the easiest ascent route if you can find a way through the forest of Coille Mhialairigh. From the E top a third NE ridge produces a second high corrie, Coire Min, to the SE of this is Bealach Arnisdale, offering a steep ascent from the village below.

Beinn Sgulaird
Beinn Sgulaird lies at the head of Loch Creran, so the ascent is from sea level. It is a mountain of four distinct tops in a line SW to NE, and one long ridge W from the S top (863m) which is a common ascent route.

To the S of the mountain is Coire Buidhe through which a track/path (not shown on OS map) leads to the bealach at its head. An ascent from the bealach may be difficult as there are many rocky outcrops on these slopes, however the path should be used to ascend to the col E of the minor top (488m) rather than losing height climbing over this top.

A direct ascent of the W slopes from Taraphocain to the col S of the summit, through rocky outcrops, is the shortest route. Finally to the N is Glen Ure where a private track/path facilitates an ascent via Stob Gaibhre (864m)

Beinn Tarsuinn [Letterewe]
Beinn Tarsuinn lies on the N shore of Loch Fada opposite Slioch.

The incline of the S slopes vary greatly from easy and boggy to steep and craggy. The SSW ridge in particular has a steep craggy SW face but to the E are easy slopes from the path is the normal ascent route via the track from Incheril.

The slopes are much steeper and craggy N of the summit and on the narrow curving NW ridge leading to Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair via Meall Garbh.

Beinn Teallach
Beinn Teallach has gentle slopes and a rounded outline to the S and W, with ridges SW and SSW, but steeper craggy slopes to the E and well defined ridges NW and NE.

The NW ridge terminates in steep craggy slopes and the NE ridge has a craggy E flank, but easy N slopes, which lead to a broad boggy bealach giving access to Beinn Chaorainn's W slopes.

Normal ascent is via the S slopes and the NE ridge.

Beinn Tulaichean
Beinn Tulaichean overlooks Inverlochlarig to the S and is most easily accessed from Inverlochlarig Farm at the head of Loch Doine near Balquidder. Beinn Tulaichean is effectively a peak on the SE ridge of Cruach Ardrain.

Beinn Tulaichean has three ridges, the main ridge runs NW to Cruach Ardrain and there are short ridges SSW and ESE, the latter facilitating a direct ascent from Inverlochlarig.

The top has many rocky outcrops but it is not difficult to find a route through these. If returning via Cruach Ardrain do not attempt an early descent into Coire Earb, but ascend the ridge to regain the path to Grey Height.

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