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Beinn Bheoil
Beinn Bheoil is an elongated mountain, orientated SSW to NNE, separating Ben Alder from Loch Ericht. The E slopes fall steeply to Loch Ericht and are mostly craggy.

The W slopes are steep and craggy where they overlook Lochan Bhealach Bheithe but to the N they become moderate to easy.

Access routes are the W slopes of Sron Dreineach to the NNW and from Bealach Breabag up the W slopes of Sron Coire na h-Iolaire to the SSW.

Beinn Bhreac [Glen Derry]
Beinn Bhreac is a twin peaked hill at the southern limit of the Moine Bhealaidh, a featureless moorland plateau at 850m altitude. Of the twin peaks, which are gentle rises of similar height, it is the E peak which is the higher by 4m.

The E slopes into Dubh Ghleann are steep and in places rocky, as are those to the W beyond Craig Derry, but to the SW slopes are of moderate to gentle incline leading towards Derry Lodge.

Beinn Bhrotain
Beinn Bhrotain is a large complex mountain. Its N flank forms the steep craggy S wall of Glen Geusachan, and to the NE similar slopes overlook Glen Dee. To the W and S there are moderate to gentle slopes over featureless moorland leading to Glen Feshie and Glen Geldie.

The normal ascent is from the SE where moderate slopes allow access from the Linn of Dee via White Bridge using the track through Glen Dee.

Beinn Bhuidhe [Glen Fyne]
Beinn Bhuidhe is an isolated Munro at the head of Loch Fyne, separating Glen Fyne from Glen Shira. There are roads in both glens but Beinn Bhuidhe is mostly accessed from Glen Fyne.

It is a large mountain with three ridges like the prongs of a trident pointing SW. The longest ridge is the more southern of the three to Clachan Hill, the shortest the more northern to Beinn an t-Sidhein.

In the middle lies the main ridge on which the summit is located, which runs from Tom a' Phiobaire in the SW to Ceann Gardh in the NE with the summit in a central location.

There are good tracks giving access to the long and short SW ridges but the short and steep route WNW from Inverchorachan House is the most popular.

Beinn Chabhair
Beinn Chabhair is a craggy hill with a long rocky ridge NW then W to where Lochan a' Chaisteil lies cradled in the rocks. There is a short rocky ridge SW to a bealach and another NE to a bealach connecting to An Caisteal.

This mountain is generally climbed from Inverarnan, either following the path by Ben Glas Burn (very boggy in places) or by ascending to Lochan an Chaisteil and following NW ridge to the summit. There are several routes through the rocky outcrops to the summit.

Beinn Dearg [Blair Atholl]
The large summit cone of Beinn Dearg is orientated NNE to SSW and is surrounded by boulder covered slopes.

To the north lie two minor tops, Beinn Gharbh to the N and Elrig 'ic an Toisich to the NE, beyond which are gentle slopes to high moorland. To the W are steep sometimes craggy slopes into Glen Bruar, and to the SE similar slopes into Gleann Diridh.

Access is normally from Glen Bruar, either on the S face of Beinn Losgarnaich, to the W, or on the gentle slopes of Meall Dubh nan Dearcag, to the S.

Beinn Dearg [Ullapool]
Beinn Dearg is the highest and most impressive of its group. It is a massive mountain with crags lining its N and E faces, most impressive of which are the magnificent cliffs of Coire Ghranda, which separates Beinn Dearg from Cona' Mheall.

An ascent can be made via the S ridge, starting from the road by Loch Droma, but this requires crossing the Allt a' Gharbhain which is risky in all but the driest weather.

There is however a path from Lochdrum onto Meall Feith Dhiongaig which will take you higher to cross smaller burns. Other possible access route are via the NW ridge, which forms the S wall of Gleann na Squaib, direct from the bealach at the head of Gleann na Squaib up the steep narrow NE ridge, or on paths from the A835 at Braemore Junction.

Beinn Dorain
The symmetrical outline of Beinn Dorain, with its slopes rising smoothly to the pointed summit is a familiar site on the road N from Tyndrum.

Beinn Dorain is a "Y" shaped mountain with ridges S to Gleann Ach'-innis Chailein, NNW connecting to Beinn an Dothaidh at the col above Coire an Dothaidh, and NE to Meall Garbh turning E to Meall Tionail. Between the the NNW and NE ridges is a high corrie.

The usual ascent route is via Coire Dothaidh and the NNW ridge, but an ascent is also possible via the track in Gleann Ach'-innis Chailein to the E and into Coire Ghabachlach to ascend the N face.

Beinn Dubhchraig
Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhcraig form a curved ridge around Loch Oss and are generally climbed together. Beinn Dubhcraig has craggy sections and many rocky outcrops, particularly on its SW face overlooking Loch Oss.

Lack of access paths to the S results in Beinn Dubhcraig being ascended primarily from Glen Cononish to the N. Beinn Dubhchraig has two NNE facing ridges enclosing a large corrie, and the more W of these is the best ascent route.

The conventional route follows the Allt Coire Dubhcraig through the corrie and can be very boggy. We recommend you approach the N slopes from Glen Cononish.

Beinn Eibhinn
The summit of Beinn Eibhinn overlooks Coire a' Charra Mhoir to the E. The summit ridge forms an arc around the corrie connecting to Aonach Beag via a high col at its eastern limit.

W of the summit ridge the top broadens then divides into three ridges running N to Sron an Fhuarain, S to the summit of Meall Glas Choire (924m) and W to Mullach Coire nan Nead (921m).

Most slopes have moderate inclines but for those to the S of the summit ridge which are steeper and E of the summit ridge which are craggy.

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