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An Caisteal
The summit of An Caisteal lies at the intersection of two long ridges, N to Sron Gharbh (709m) and NNW ridge to Stob Glas (710m).

From the A82 in Glen Falloch a track follows the River Falloch into Coire Earb which makes the N ridge from Sron Garbh over the Twistin Hill the easiest and most common access route. However the NNW ridge to Stob Glas offers an alternative access route.

To the SW An Caisteal meets Beinn Chabhair at a broad bealach and to the SE it connects to Beinn a' Chroin via a high col. A ascent from Coire Earb is possible to the latter col.

An Coileachan
An Coileachan is one of the group known as the Fannaichs, which lie to the N of Loch Fannich. Meall Gorm and An Coileachan lie to the SE and tend to be climbed together.

An Coileachan has a rounded top and easy slopes to the S and W. To the N and E the slopes are steeper with some rocky outcrops and crags. To the NW An Coileachan connects to Meall Gorm, in fact there is a good high level walk all the way to Sgurr Mor (6km).

Normally ascended via the path from Fannich Lodge.

An Gearanach
An Gearanach, one of the more northerly Mamores, is part of the Ring of Steall. This circular route around Coire a' Mhail is named for a waterfall that cascades into Glen Nevis.

An Gearanach and its southerly neighbour An Garbhanach are connected by a high col (950m) on a very narrow ridge. The N slopes of An Gearanach are more complex with three ridges projecting into Glen Nevis, which run NE, NNE and NNW. The access path from Glen Nevis is on the NNW ridge.

An Riabhachan
The summit ridge of An Riabhachan runs SW to NE with moderate grassy slopes on either side leading down to the upper reaches of Glen Strathfarrar and Glen Cannich.

At the NW end of the summit ridge are three ridges, two of which, the N ridge leading down to Meall Garbh and the W leading to a col connecting to Sgurr na Lapaich, are the normal ascent routes. Between these ridges are crags overlooking Loch Mor and Loch Beag.

At the SW end of the summit ridge, ridges lead NW and SE, both of them branching. The SW branch of the NW ridge connects to the even more remote An Socach.

An Sgarsoch
An Sgarsoch has a "U" shape summit around An Glas Choire with three tops, 1006m (the summit) 967m and 954m. The arms of the "U" lie to the south and each terminates in a minor top, 854m and 822m.

From the bend of the "U" rise four short ridges facing , W, NNW, NNE, and E. All slopes of this remote mountain are accessible to the hill-walker but the broader NNW ridge is the normal route of ascent from the track in Glen Geldie.

An Socach [Glen Affric]
An Socach is a craggy peak to the N of Glen Affric and it lies on a crescent shaped ridge of mountains which enclose Gleann a' Choilich.

Its W ridge connects to Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan via Stob Coire na Cloiche and its NE ridge to Mam Sodhail. The third broad ridge with rocky E slopes runs SSE to An Sornach from where the slopes fall steeply to Glen Affric.

The SSE ridge separates Coire na Cloiche and Coire Ghaideil both of which have ascent paths from Glen Affric leading to the W and NE ridges.

An Socach [Glen Ey]
An Socach has a curved summit ridge some 3km long, with the summit at the W end. From the summit a steep sided stony ridge runs N towards Altnour Lodge in Glen Ey.

From the E end of the summit ridge a 5 km long ridge runs N to Creag an Fhuathais also overlooking Glen Eye. Either side of this ridge are two shorter ridges, NW to Carn Cruinn (862m) and a narrow ridge E to Coire Fhearnseag and Socach Mor.

Ascent is normally by the E ridge from the path by the Baddoch Burn, but some slopes into Glen Ey are accessible. An Socach has some steep and stony slopes to avoid, but otherwise moderate slopes make this an easy ascent.

An Socach [Loch Mullardoch]
An Socach is a very remote peak with a crescent shaped summit plateau from which easy slopes run in all directions. An Socach has two long ridges, one running SE and another SW turning S. These have gentle slopes which tend to be boggy, especially in Coire Mhaim.

Shorter ridges run N down into Coire Gorm Mor and E to connect to An Riabhachan. As it is something of an expedition to reach An Socach, climb it with An Riabhachan.

An Socach offers good views of much more impressive mountains in a truly wild region.

An Stuc
An Stuc has a steep sided conical peak and three ridges, the S ridge leads to Ben Lawers via Creag an Fhithich, the W ridge to Meall Garbh. The long N ridge leads down into Fin Glen and on to Glen Lyon.

The terrain is mostly grass with rock outcrops, but there are crags on the NE face of the summit and on the lower SE slopes overlooking Lochan nan Cat.

The normal routes of ascent are the ridges from Ben Lawers and Meall Garbh.

Aonach Air Chrith
Aonach Air Chrith is one of the 7 Munros on the 14km South Glen Shiel Ridge.

The ridge has steep slopes to the S and is very craggy with many corries to the N. The ridge traverse follows the scalloped rims of the corries between peaks. The ridge may be climbed in two sections E and W but individual peaks are not easily accessed and do not require individual descriptions.

Aonach Air Chrith is in the E section and has a long NNE ridge to A' Choich (830m), a W ridge linking to Maol Chinn-dearg and an E ridge to Druim Shionnach.

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