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Sgurr Dearg
One of 7 Grahams on the Isle of Mull, Sgurr Dearg crowns three ridges. The longer NW ridge along with the shorter NE ridge enclose Coire nan Clach which has steep scree slopes.

The S ridge leads to the S top of Beinn Bhearnach (633m).

Sgurr Dearg lies immediately to the S of the island's only Corbett, Dun da Gaoithe.

Nearest access is from the A839 to the S.

Sgurr na Coinnich
Sgurr na Coinnich is the highest point of the area N of Glen Arroch which forms the SE tip of Skye between Kyleakin and Kylerhea.

It is just over 1km SW of the Graham Beinn na Caillich across the Bealach nam Mulachag and both may be climbed together.

The highest point on the minor road to Kylerhea to the S provides the nearest access.

Sgurr nan Cnamh
Sgurr nan Cnamh lies at the heart of Corbett territory in Ardgour.

It has steep craggy slopes to the N.

A car park at the end of the minor road NE of Strontian provides nearest access.

Slat Bheinn
Slat Bheinn is a very remote hill which rises steeply on the S side of Glen Barrisdale

Climbing it will most likely involve an overnight camp or stopover, possibly at the bothy at Barrisdale.

The Corbett Sgurr a' Choire-bheithe lies approximately 2km to the SW and the two could possibly be combined in a single trip (especially if staying at Barrisdale) although this does involve a lot of descent and re-ascent.

Stac Pollaidh
Stac Pollaidh is an instantly recognisable and iconic hill which rises from the vast wild and open land of the Inverpolly Nature Reserve.

This area is perforated by many lochans and Stac Pollaidh lies between two of the larger, Loch Sionascaig to the N and Loch Lurgainn to the S.

The summit ridge is rocky with many pinnacles, and scrambling is required to reach the true summit.

A purpose built car park on the S side of the hill on the minor road to Achiltilbuie provides easy access. A well-worn path leads N from here.

Stob a' Ghrianain
True to its name, Druim Fada is a long ridge running E to W to the N of Corpach and Loch Eil.

Stob a' Ghrianain, the highest point on the ridge, lies at the E end with several little lochans close by.

Whilst the S side of the ridge has uniform slopes running down to Loch Eil, the N side is the more impressive with several steep corries.

Glen Loy to the N provides the closest access.

Stob an Eas
Stob an Eas is situated between Gleann Beag (Hell's Glen) to the S and Glen Kinglass to the N.

It lies just over 3km to the W of the Corbett Beinn an Lochain.

Forestry tracks starting at NN168074 in Hell's Glen provide closest access.

Stob Breac
Stob Breac is the highest point of a long N to S ridge.

Although almost completely surrounded by forestry, breaks to the N and S provide access, particularly across the River Larig from the end of the public road near Inverlochlarig.

Stob Mhic Bheathain
A remote hill, Stob Mhic Bheathain lies in Ardgour between Cona Glen and Gleann an Lochain Dubh and forms a long undulating ridge between the two Glens.

Whilst it is uniformly steep on the SW side above Gleann an Lochain Dubh, each top on the ridge offers craggy ridges to the NE towards Cona Glen.

The A861 road at the E end of Cona Glen provides the nearest access, but this is still some considerable distance from the foot of the hill.

Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn
Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn lies on a ridge which runs from Curra Lochain in the S to Gleann Beag in the N.

This ridge has steeper craggy slopes along its E side.

The Graham Beinn Lochain lies 2km away at the S end of the ridge and both Grahams may be climbed together.

Lettermay at the NW end of Loch Goil provides best access.

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