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Marsco is one of Skye's Red Cuillin hills. It rises to the E of Glen Sligachan and to the NE the main Black Cuillin Ridge.

It has a narrow summit ridge which runs NW to SE.

Convenient approaches can be made from the Sligachan Hotel to the N via Glen Sligachan, or from the car park at the SW end of Loch Ainort to the NE.

Meall a' Chaorainn [Achnasheen]
Meall a' Chaorainn lies to the NW of Achnasheen and rises from the NE end of Loch a' Chroisg.

It has a long NW ridge.

It is only 2km from the Munro Fionn Bheinn across a high pass, and the two may be climbed together to give a longer day out.

If climbing the Graham only, the shortest approach is from the track on the N side of Loch a' Chroisg at NH124588.

Meall a' Chaorainn [Easter Ross]
Meall a' Chaorainn is a remote hill lying several km to the E of the Beinn Dearg group of hills near the N end of Loch Vaich.

The Corbett Beinn a' Chasteil lies 3km to the SE and the two could reasonably be climbed in a single trip.

Despite its remote location, tracks from both Black Bridge on the A835 in the S and from Glencalvie Lodge to the NE can be used to good effect, and the use of a bike would be logical.

Meall a' Chrathaich
Meall a' Chrathaich is one of the highest points of rough high ground which lies between Cannich to the N and Glen Moriston to the S. This is an area speckled with many knolls and lochans.

Meall a' Chrathaich rises by just over 150m to the NW of one of the largest of these lochans, Loch a' Chrathaich.

Nearest access is from Dundreggan on the A887 to the W of Invermoriston, from where a track follows a line of electricity pylons to the SW of the hill. This does not of course make for a particularly aesthetically pleasing approach!

Meall a' Mhuic
Meall a' Mhuic rises to the N of Glen Lyon from where it's distinct S ridge rises to the summit.

It is bounded to the north by Rannoch Forest.

Several tracks starting from Innerwick in Loch Lyon can be used for access.

Meall an Doireachain
Meall an Doireachain (Beinn a' Chlachain) lies to the NE of Applecross.

It has steep slopes on the SE side towards Strath Maol Chaluim.

The summit area is comparatively flat with the summit lying at the head of Coire Glas, possibly the finest feature of the hill.

A short, sharp ascent can be made from Strath Maol Chaluim in the SE, or a more gradual ascent from SW.

Meall an Fheur Loch
Meall an Fheur Loch lies to the W of Loch Merkland.

The summit lies 2.5km NE of the Graham Meallan a' Chuail which could easily be included in the same trip.

Most convenient access is via a stalker's path which starts at the A838 W of Loch Merkland at NC357333.

Meall Blair
Meall Blair lies on the N of side Loch Arkaig and is one of 3 Grahams on the N shore of the loch.

It presents uniform slopes to the S whilst those on the N are generally steeper.

The summit plateau has 3 tops of similar height although the E top with the trig point is the highest.

Meall Buidhe
Lying on the E side of Glen Ogle, Meall Buidhe presents a craggy face S towards the glen.

The A85 road through Glen Ogle provides the nearest access for a short ascent.

Meall Dearg
Lying to the W of the A826 road through Glen Cochill to Aberfeldy, Meall Dearg has a ridge running NW to SE with the summit at the NW end.

It presents moderate craggy slopes towards Glen Cochill.

The A826 road to the E provides convenient access.

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