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Ciste Buide a' Claidheimh
Shee of Ardtalnaig lies on the S side of Loch Tay and is sandwiched between the Corbetts Meall nan Oighreag to the W and Creagan na Beinne to the E.

Its main feature is a long ridge running roughly NW to SE. The summit (Ciste Buide a' Claidheimh) lies at the SE end of the ridge.

It would normally be ascended from Claggan to the N.

Cnap Chaochan Aitinn
Cnap Chaochan Aitinn is a remote hill which lies to the N of Glen Avon. It is the highest point on a rolling high plateau and is very much dwarfed by the nearby giant plateau of Ben Avon.

Nearest access is from Tomintoul to the N. A bike may be used to good effect to get within close reach of the summit.

Cnap Cruinn
Cnap Cruinn rises on the S side of Glen Spean. It lies NE of the Corbett twins Cruach Innse and Sgurr Innse, and N across Coire Laire from the Munro twins Stob Coire Easain and Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin.

The main ridge runs SE to NW. The summit lies at the SE end of this ridge and the top names as Beinn Chlianaig at the NW end.

Cook's Cairn
Cook's Cairn is a remote hill lying in the distillery heartland of Moray to the S of Glen Rinnes and the E of Glen Livet.

Despite its remote location, the area is served by several tracks which can readily be cycled, and these make access to the hill slightly easier.

It lies approximately 2.5km to the SE of the Corbett Corryhabbie Hill with which it could be combined.

Most convenient access if from the car park near Allanreid to the SE of Tomnavoulin from where cycle trails begin.

One of 7 Grahams on the Isle of Mull, Corra-bheinn lies to the east of Ben More, Mull's only Munro.

It is the highest peak on a long ridge of hills which is situated between Loch Ba to the N and Glen More to the S.

It is just under 3km to the NW of the Graham Cruach Choireadail, and the two could be combined in one outing.

The A849 road through Glen More provides the most convenient access.

It should be noted that hills in this area are comprised of gabbro which can affect compass bearings.

Craignaw is situated to the NE of Glen Trool and to the W of the Rhinns of Kells.

It has steep E slopes which drop down sharply to Silver Flowe.

Craignaw is just under 3.5km to the S of the Graham Mullwharchar and it would make sense to climb both together.

The end of the public road in Glen Trool provides closest access.

Creach Beinn
One of 7 Grahams on the Isle of Mull, Creach Beinn is a craggy hill which has a long SW ridge which drops down to the village of Lochbuie at the head of Loch Buie.

Lying across Gleann a' Chaiginn Mhoir from the Graham Ben Buie, the two could readily be combined in one trip.

Access is possible from either the A849 road through Glen More to the N, or from the minor road to Lochbuie to the S.

Creag a' Choire Ghlais
Creag a' Choire Ghlais (Ben Armine) is an extremely remote hill in a tract of high land which lies to the E of Loch Choire which bounds the SE side of the Munro Ben Klibreck.

Its E slopes are craggy and fall away steeply towards Gorm-loch Beag.

Ben Armine lies just over 3km to the S of the Graham Creag Mhor and given the remote location of these two, it makes sense to climb them together.

Any approach to these two hills whether from the N or S is long, and a bike may best be advised.

Creag a' Mhadaidh
Creag a' Mhadaidh is an isolated hill which is situated to the N of Loch Rannoch and W of Loch Errochty.

The closest point of access is from the B846 road on the N side of Loch Rannoch near Craganour Lodge.

Creag Bhalg
Creag Bhalg sits mid-way between Linn of Dee and Linn of Quoich to the S of the main Cairngorm plateau.

It can be clearly seen across the River Dee when driving W from Braemar.

It has two tops, the W one being the highest.

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