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Beinn Shiantaidh
Beinn Shiantaidh along with the Corbett Beinn an Oir and the Graham Beinn a' Chaolais make up the range known as the Paps of Jura, a familiar landmark unmistakable from afar.

Beinn Shiantaidh is a conical hill, and like the other Paps has much scree coverage in the upper reaches.

The 3 Paps are best climbed in a single trip, but this involves much ascent and descent.

A track starting from the A846 (Jura's only main road) at NR550732 is the normal start point.

Beinn Suidhe
Beinn Suidhe has a long NE to SW ridge which rises from Loch Dochard in the NE and drops down towards the headwaters of the River Strae in Glen Strae to the SW.

Nearest access is from Victoria Bridge to the E.

Beinn Talaidh
One of 7 Grahams on the Isle of Mull, Beinn Talaidh is the highest of the Grahams.

It has a long curving ridge to the S, and a N ridge which drops down to Glen Forsa.

Due to its prominent position, it is often mistaken for Ben More which is Mull's only Munro.

Nearest access is from the A849 which runs through Glen More to the S.

Beinn Tharsuinn [Diebidale]
Beinn Tharsuinn is a remote hill lying several km to the E of the Beinn Dearg group of hills.

It lies at the SW end of a ridge which rises from Diebidale in Glen Calvie to the NE.

Nearest access is from Glen Calvie Lodge to the NE. As with other hills in this area, a bicycle can be put to good use on the approach tracks.

Beinn Tharsuinn [Easter Ross]
Beinn Tharsuinn is one of the highest points in the E of Easter Ross and lies between the Dornoch Firth to the N and the Cromarty Firth to the S.

It is the highest point of a high moorland. Although the NW top of Sidhean a' Choin Bhain is also attributed an altitude of 692m, it is Beinn Tharsuinn which has the Graham status.

Closest approach is from a car park on the B9176 road N of Alness at the bridge over the Strathrory River from where a track leads to the E flank of the hill.

Belig is one of Skye's Red Cuillin hills and is situated to the W of Strath Mor.

It lies at the NE end of a ridge which includes the Munro Bla Bheinn to the S and the Corbett Garbh-bheinn, both of which could be included in a classic traverse, but one which does involve some exposed scrambling.

Most convenient access is from the car park at the SW end of Loch Ainort to the N, or from the car park at the N end of Loch Slapin to the SE.

Ben Aslak
One of the Skye Grahams, Ben Aslak lies to the SW of Kylerhea from where its long NE ridge rises.

Before the promotion of Ladylea Hill to the ranks of the Grahams, Ben Aslak held the title of being the smallest Graham.

The nearest access is from the Bealach Udall on the minor road to Kylerhea.

Ben Buie
One of 7 Grahams on the Isle of Mull, Ben Buie is situated at the S end of the island rising above Loch Buie and the village of Lochbuie.

Lying across Gleann a' Chaiginn Mhoir from the Graham Creach Bheinn, the two could readily be combined in one trip.

Access is possible from either the A839 road through Glen More to the N, or the minor road to Lochbuie to the S.

It should be noted that hills in this area are comprised of gabbro which can affect compass bearings.

Ben Cleuch
Ben Cleuch is the highest of the rolling Ochil Hills which lie to the NE of Stirling. Ben Cleuch itself lies to the N of Tillicoultry.

It is a popular hill due to its proximity to the central belt and you will be walking on well trodden paths. On a clear day, the summit offers superb views S towards the Forth.

The usual route of ascent begins in Tillicoultry from where a path leads N through Mill Glen and ascends to the summit via The Law.

Ben Mor Coigach
Ben Mor Coigach lies to the N of Ullapool. Its main feature is its long narrow SW ridge which falls down steeply to the coast.

The E slopes are continuously steep and rocky.

As the summit lies just over 1km to the S of the Graham Sgurr an Fhidhleir, the two may readily be climbed together.

The closest approach is from the end of the minor road at Culnacraig SE of Achiltilbuie.

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