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Sgurr a' Mhuilinn
Sgurr a'Mhuilinn and the smaller Meallan nan Uan are two peaks, 1.3km apart, separated by Coire a' Mhuilinn and are climbed together.

Sgurr a'Mhuilinn sits at the SE end of a broad ridge, the NW end of which is terminated by the twin conical peaks of Sgurr a' Ghlas Leathaid (844m) and Sgurr a' Choire-rainich (848m).

The normal ascent from Meallan nan Uan is on easy inclines. The slopes around the summit of Sgurr a'Mhuilinn are steeper with rocky outcrops, but a route can easily be navigated through them.

Sgurr an Airgid
Sgurr an Airgid is located on the N shore of the E end of Loch Duich.

Sgurr an Airgid is rough and rocky on its upper slopes but the lower slopes are not very steep and an ascent is easy from either Strath Croe in the S or from Corrie Dhuinnid to the NW.

A path from Ruarach in Strath Croe leads to a col linking to Beinn Bhuide (703m) to the E, and this is the normal route of ascent. From here an easy ridge walk leads to the summit.

Sgurr an Fhuarain
Sgurr an Fhuarain lies to the E of Sgurr Mor connect by a high level ridge and due to its remote location should be climbed with Sgurr Mor.

Sgurr an Fhuarain is rough and craggy to the N and to the S are steep slopes, therefore the ridge from Sgurr Mor offers the easiest approach.

Sgurr an Utha
This hill consists of a ridge which curves from Tom na h-Aire in the SE to Sidhean Mor (582m) in the WSW with the two highest peaks Sgurr an Utha and Fraoch-bheinn (790m) located near the apex of the curve. From Faoch-bheinn, a subsidiary ridge runs SSW where it broadens to form the Druim na Brein-choille, parallel to the summit ridge.

This is a hill of moderate slopes which are scattered with rock outcrops and crags on the steeper sections. Normal ascent routes are via Tom na h-Aire or Coire an Utha.

Sgurr Coire Choinnichean
Sgurr Coire Choinnichean is one of the smaller Corbetts, but given that it sits with feet in salt water, you will have to climb every inch of it.

Sgurr Coire Choinnichean is the most westerly top on a long steep sided ridge forming the N side of Gleann an Dubh-Lochain.

The two easiest ascents, avoiding the steepest slopes are from the track from Inverie through Mam Uidhe via the easier W slopes to the S end of the summit ridge, or from track in Gleann an Dubh-Lochain to the col connecting to Stob an Uillt-fhearna (661m).

Sgurr Cos na Breachd-laoidh
Sgurr Cos na Breachd-laoidh lies in Glen Dessary, to the NW of Strathan. The summit ridge connecting Sgurr Cos na Breachd-laoidh to Druim a' Chuirn (822m) is extended by ridges to the WSW and ENE (to Sron an Tigh Mhoir).

From the two summits, curved parallel ridges run SE towards Strathan enclosing Coire Chicheanais and offering the best route for ascent. This is a steep sided rough craggy hill requiring careful route finding through the rocky outcrops.

Sgurr Dhomhnuill
Sgurr Dhomhnuill has two satellite tops, one unnamed at 803m to the NW and Sgurr na h-Ighinn at 766m to the SSW, and each of these tops has a long WSW ridge, the Druim Garbh to the N and the Druimm Leac a' Sgiathain to the S enclosing a large corrie. These ridges offer a pleasant ridge walk and are the preferred ascent route.

Sgurr Dhomhnuill also has two NE ridges of unequal length leading down to the path through Glen Scaddle but this would be a very long approach route.

Sgurr Dubh
Sgurr Dubh is a rough craggy hill with steep slopes, particularly to the S and NW. To the NE the slopes are moderate and accessible. To the S a broad ridge links it to Sgorr nan Lochan Uaine with which it is normally climbed. This ridge has a number of small lochans and is potentially boggy.

An ascent from the path through Coire a' Cheud-Chnoic, with its large number of little hillocks left by glaciers (hummocky moraine), can be easily made to this ridge.

Sgurr Gaorsaic
Sgurr Gaorsaic is a very remote hill therefore careful navigation is required even though paths lead you to the base of the hill. This compact hill is little more than a spur of the S ridge of the massive Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan but the col that connects them is 670m high, which is a sufficient drop for this top to be ranked as a Corbett.

Loch Gaorsaic, which Sgurr Gaorsaic overlooks, is at an elevation of 380m which means the peak is less than 460m above the loch side path. The ascent is on easy slopes, and although there are scattered crags, the approach from the S avoids them.

Sgurr Ghiubhsachain
Sgurr Ghiubhsachain and Sgorr Craobh a' Chaorainn are the two highest peaks on the rocky head wall of Coire Ghuibhsachain. They are attached by a col (593m) which is deemed a sufficient drop for them to be considered separate Corbetts yet they are undeniably part of the same mountain mass and should be climbed together.

The rocky NNE ridge of Sgurr Ghiubhsachain connects to Meall a' Choire-Chruinn then tapers down to Guesachan Cottage were there is a road giving good access. The other possible ascent route is via Meall na Cuartaige on the ENE ridge of Sgorr Craobh a' Chaorainn which leads to a path by the Allt na Cruaiche.

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