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Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill
Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill is the highest on a long ridge that curves from Carn Dearg (797m) to the S to Meall Garbh (754m) to the N, around a deep corrie, Coire Loch. As this ridge does not drop below 650m, the whole mass can be considered one mountain with many tops.

As the only feasible access is from Kinloch at the head of Loch More, the approach is on easy to moderate crag free slopes, and the walker does not encounter the steeper craggy slopes into Coire Loch.

Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill has stony SW slopes and a few isolated rocky outcrops but these should not present any obstacle to an ascent.

Meallan nan Uan
Meallan nan Uan and the larger Sgurr a' Mhuilinn are two peaks, 1.3km apart, separated only by Coire a' Mhuilinn.

Meallan nan Uan has a single ridge with two tops, Meallan nan Uan and Creag Ruadh (734m).

Meallan nan Uan is a steep sided hill with scattered crags especially on the S slopes, however easy ascents can be made from Carnan Fuar to the NW and the NE ridge of Creag Ruadh.

Merrick lies in the Galloway Forest Park to the north of Glen Trool from where it is normally ascended. At 843m it is the highest peak in the park.

The summit of Merrick lies to the E and the main ridge tapers down to the W to the minor summit of Kirriemore Hill. To the N of this ridge the slopes are steep and craggy.

From the main ridge spurs run SE "Rig of the Gloon" and SW "Neive of the Spit" which links to Benyellary hill (719m) from where a path descends past Culsharg to Glen Trool.

Monamenach is the central peak of four in a complex arrangement of ridges. The highest ridge runs SW to Craigenloch Hill (738m) then turns S to terminate in steep craggy slopes.

Two other ridges run NE to Cairn Doos (629m) then ESE to Creag an Torraidh and SW the S to Creahan Caise (664). The E slopes of both these ridges are steep and Craggy.

A path from Auchavan takes you to the 620m SE col and this is the most logical route of ascent.

Morrone, also known as Morven, lies to the SW of and overlooks Braemar.

Morrone lies at the N end of a long winding ridge, Carn na Drochaide (830m) marking the S end. There are some steeper slopes to the E of this ridge, and Morrone has a stony aspect to the summit. However hazards are diminished by the well defined path from Braemar and the hill track that leads up the E slopes to the summit. If the weather closes in follow either to get down.

Morven is a simple conical hill elongated E to W with moderately steep slopes.

The most straightforward ascent is from Balhennie up the E up the ridge, but an ascent from the path to the S is also easy.

Mount Battock
Mount Battock lies 5.5km N of Millden Lodge in Glen Esk. It lies amidst a cluster of smaller peaks in an area well served by paths and hill tracks.

The summit lies at the confluence of three ridges; WSW to Wester Cairn where a path from Millden terminates; S to the Hill of Saughs (656m) were a track from Millden leads to its lower slopes; and NE branching N to Cock Hill (544m) and ESE to Lochnawean Hill (583m).

A track runs to Clachnaben in the E crosses the E shoulder of Mount Battock to terminate on Cock Hill.

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