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Meall Lighiche
Meall Lighiche has a curved summit ridge running from Meall Lighiche in the W to Creag Bhan in the E. From Meall Lighiche, a broad ridge runs W to Meall an Aodainn (678m) at the head of Glen Creran and from Creag Bhan a second ridge runs N into Gleann Leac-na-muidhe.

These two ridges offer alternative ascent routes, with the N ridge being the conventional route. Whilst the extremities of the ridges are craggy, Meall Lighiche itself is relatively crag free apart from the summit which is more rocky.

Meall na Fearna
Meall na Fearna lies E of Ben Vorlich , separated from it by a high bealach (580m). It is part of a complex H shaped mountain with two parallel N-S ridges each with its own summit and connected by a high col (687m).

The more easterly ridge has craggy E slopes, but Meall na Fearna is the highest point on the more westerly ridge which is relatively crag free. There are steeper rocky slopes SE of the summit.

The most straight forward ascent is via the path from Glen Vorlich to Gleann an Dubh Choirein that passes about 1km from the summit. An ascent is also possible from the E, via the road in Glen Artney and the track through Srath a' Ghlinne.

Meall na h-Aisre
Meall na h-Aisre is a gentle rise on the S margin of a high moorland plateau.

The only distinctive feature of this hill is its long SE ridge the "Leathad Gaothach". The SW slopes of this ridge are steep enough to shed water and give a dryer ascent from Garva Bridge.

Meall na h-Eilde
Meall na h-Eilde lies central in a group of three summits; to the NW, over Bealach Choire a' Ghuirein lies Meall Coire nan Saobhaidh (826m), and to the ESE over Bealach an Easain lies Meall an Tagraidh.

Meall na h-Eilde has two ridges, running N to Gearr Leachan (517m) where a path from Greenfield in the N leads on to its W slopes, and SW to an un-named top (681m) from where a well defined ridge leads down to Gleann Tarsuinn.

Due to the proximity of Geal Charn , it is normally climbed with Meall na h-Eilde via Meall Coire nan Saobhaidh and Bealach Carn na h-Urchaire.

Meall na Leitreach
Meall na Leitreach lies S of the A9 at Dalnaspidal. Its W slopes are steep and tower over Loch Garry, but its E slopes are gentle and adjoin a high moorland plateau.

Due to its proximity to the A9 it is a short ascent from Dalnaspidal. You may wish to combine it with an ascent of Meall an Dobharchain (the Sow of Atholl) another short ascent from Dalnaspidal.

Meall na Meoig
Beinn Pharlagain lies to the S of Sgor Gaibhre and is connected to it by Bealach Leathann, and you can return over Ben Pharlagain when taking this Munro.

Beinn Pharlagain is a complex shape - from the steep slopes of Leacann nan Giomach in the S, the mountain runs N to a minor top (807m) then deflects NE to rocky Garbh Mheall Mor (838m) and finally N to a rectangular summit plateau with lochans and the conical summit, Meall na Meoig , located on the W edge. From Garbh Mheall Mor a broad ridge runs SE to Coire a' Ghiubhais.

Meall nam Maigheach
Meall nam Maigheach lies E of the minor road that connects Glen Lyon to Loch Tay. As this road rises to an altitude of 560m this is a very short and easy ascent.

The hill has many rocky outcrops and some crags, but this is perhaps irrelevant as the approach via the SE ridge is just a gentle walk up an easy slope without a crag in sight.

Meall nan Subh
Meall nan Subh is an approximately crescent shaped irregular hill covered with rocks and mounds. Its slopes are not very steep and the rock outcrops offer no obstacle to ascent, so it makes for a short easy climb, but it may be difficult to ascertain which lump is the summit.

Meall nan Subh lies close to the end of the public road through Glen Lyon. The normal ascent is from the track that runs between it and Beinn Heasgarnich .

Meall Tairneachan
Meall Tairneachan and Farragon Hill are neighbouring Corbetts to the S of Loch Tummel and are usually climbed together.

Meall Tairneachan is a sprawling hill with indistinct ridges and subsidiary ridges. This high moorland terrain can be difficult to navigate, but due to previous mining activity a hill track takes you to about 200m from the summit.

Meallach Mhor
Meallach Mhor is broad rounded hill, with easy slopes and hardly a crag to be seen, but its remote location makes for a big day.

The main mass lies E-W with two tops, Meallach Mhor to the W and Meall an Dubh-chadha to the E.

From Meallach Mhor a minor ridge runs W towards Bhran Cottage (the normal ascent) and a much longer ridge runs NW to a third top Meallach Beag (695m) then W to An Stac, the only crag.

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