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Beinn a' Chuallaich
Beinn a'Chuallaich is a large sprawling hill with several long ridges. The first runs S over Tom na Moine to Craig Bhuidhe, the second SSW over Meall Breac to Ceann Caol na Creige (587m) and the third W to Carn Fiaclach turning S to Meall Dubh (599m). A fourth ridge runs N over Meall nan Euan then NE to Meall na Moine.

A path from Drumglas on Dunalastair Water N to Loch Errochty over the W shoulder of Beinn a' Chuallaich is the logical ascent route. The slopes to the NW of Carn Fiaclach are craggy and rock strewn and there are crags close to the summit of Beinn a'Chuallaich. There are also some steep slopes, particularly on the flanks of the S ridge.

Beinn Airigh Charr
Beinn Airigh Charr lies at the northern end of Loch Maree on the Beinn Lair range of hills running NW to SE.

The loch and the River Ewe which flows from it form a barrier and necessitate a long walk in from Poolewe village.

This is a rough mountain with many crags and rock outcrops, but a path leads from Ruidh Dorcha on the shore of Loch Maree onto its neighbouring peak, Spidean nan Clach (705m) and gives easy access.

Moreover, the path from Kernsary to Letterewe through Srathan Buidhe leads to the easier SE slopes, thus the more difficult NE and SW slopes may be avoided.

Beinn an Eoin
Beinn an Eoin and Baosbheinn are two elongated mountains flanking Loch na h-Oidhche in the Flowerdale Forest, and consequently are climbed together.

Beinn an Eoin is normally climbed first from the N as the ridge rises gently to the summit at the S end. This is a steep sided ridge and quite craggy at the summit end, but a steep descent is possible to Gorm-loch Fada.

Beinn an Lochain
Beinn an Lochain is the hill that faces you as you reach the top of "Rest and be thankful" on the A83 and is most easterly of the range of hills which line the southern side of Glen Kinglass.

It is a craggy hill with its eastern and most craggy slope towering over Loch Restil. The summit lies at the intersection of three ridges, S, NW and NE, the latter being the longest and narrowest.

A short easy ascent can be made from the "Rest and be thankful" car park, but the NE ridge offers a much more interesting ascent.

Beinn an Oir
Beinn an Oir is central of the three highest peaks in the paps of Jura and the only peak of sufficient height to be included in the Corbetts.

The other main peaks are Beinn Shiantaidh (757m) to the E and Beinn a' Chaolais (733m) to the SW. Either or both of these peaks can be climbed with Beinn an Oir, but it will make for a long day.

Beinn an Oir is a compact steep craggy and boulder strewn hill, yet the ascent is facilitated by a transverse grassy tract running from SE base to the N end of the summit ridge, this avoids the worst of the boulders.

Beinn Bhan [Applecross]
Beinn Bhan is a complex hill with mainly steep craggy slopes, the exception being the SE slopes which allow easy access onto the SE ridge. The main summit ridge is crescent shaped, with an additional long ridge to the SE.

The W slopes into Coire Attadale are steep and craggy, as are the S slopes into Coire nan Arr. The E slopes are carved into ridges and spurs producing 6 corries, all of them craggy and steep. Some of the ridges between the corries offer good scrambling to the summit ridge. Lots of fun for the experienced climber.

Beinn Bhan [Lochaber]
The 750m high summit ridge of Beinn Bhan curves around Coire Mhuilinn. To the E and W of this ridge are broad gentle slopes, to the N lie the twin corries, Coire Bhotrais and Coire Dubh with their steeper craggy slopes.

As the only access road lies to the S, the normal ascent route is around the rim of Coire Mhuillin, using the two S facing flanking ridges for ascent and descent.

Beinn Bheula
Beinn Bheula is a complex hill of rocky tops and ridges. The main ridge runs from Carnach Mor (634m) in the NW to Cnoc na Tricriche (606m) in the SE. The WNW ridge (Carnach Mor) together with two SW spurs - Beinn Dubhain (649m) and Sgurr a Choinnich (661m) enclose Coire Aodainn and Corrie Ealt.

The E slopes of Beinn Bheula are rocky and craggy whereas the W slopes are gentle and crag free. Beinn Bheula can be approached from Invernoaden by the gentle W slopes or from Lettermay on the more interesting craggy E slopes.

Beinn Bhreac [Blair Atholl]
Beinn Bhreac is a remote peak lying to the N of Beinn Dearg . Given the long route in, you may wish climb both hills together, particularly as the corrie between them has an altitude of 680m.

Beinn Bhreac is a small conical peak on high undulating moorland. Due to its remote location careful navigation is required.

Beinn Bhreac-liath
Beinn Bhreac-liath and Beinn Udlaidh lie NW of Tyndrum in a triangle of land bounded by the A85, A82 and the B8074.

Beinn Bhreac-liath is an uncomplicated hill with a single ridge running N from the summit. There are some rock outcrops to the W of this ridge, but apart from the descent to the col connecting to Beinn Udlaidh the rocks need not be encountered.

The normal ascent routes are from Invergaunan on the B8074, the A82 via Coire Challein or from Beinn Udlaidh to the W.

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