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Sc Joss
wrote on September 23, 2009:
If ascending these from Ben More farm the path is quite tricky to find. look out for a small cairn after the last bend on the track before it begins to descend. even if you spot this, you'll still struggle to find much of a path until higher up. It's an unrelenting climb! If you have the time take the more gradual ascent from Balquhidder side!
Gavin Poole
wrote on July 24, 2009:
Climbed Ben More & Stob Binnein on the 17/07/09 with Stu. These were our biggest 2 Munros to date & were hoping for some great summit views. We found the path up Ben more fairly quickly & began the long slog to the top enjoying some spectacular views (unfortunatley not at the summit!). It was a fairly simple descent to the beleach & a quick ascent up Stob Binnein and again into the clouds! The descent from the beleach was a wee bit boggy, but that was nothing compared to the sight of the clouds parting & the sun splitting the sky! Typical! Still, a great day was had.
Bruce Donachie
wrote on May 8, 2009:
Yes, approach along the ridge from the south, did go on a little bit, but was made more interesting by the weather which became a blizzard on summiting. At the risk of offending anybody, or seeming ghoulish,there is a memorial stone at the foot of the wall by the style at Ardcarnaig carpark dedicated to a Stephen Ferri who died (07?) on Stob Binnein. Anybody know what happened?
Bruce Sloan
wrote on October 30, 2008:
Climbed on Wednesday 29 October 2008 Nice start to the day from Inverlochlarig but no sun. Fair scramble up wet slopes/path. Once up on top ridge the lovely clear day turned extremely misty. Lots of nice thick snow, but it was so cold that my bottled juice had turned to slush. I'm glad the thermals were on. I nearly fell a good few times. Have to get myself crampons and ice pick. Got some nice photos. Could not see 10 feet, let alone Ben More. Returned by same route. My knees where tweaking on the steep descent. Ben More will have to be climbed another day.
Liam O'Hagan
wrote on March 17, 2008:
Started the ascent from Inverlochlairg and immediately felt the pressure, its a tough vertical approach to the top of Stob Invercarnaig which seriously kicked my butt. The walking got a little easier after the initial 800 or so meters with the final 50 or so meters the only concerning point, this part of the hill was very icy and without crampons or axe was pretty frightening, the first 100 meters of the descent on the north side was also pretty icy until the Bealach which offered a fairly gentle descent to Inverlochairg Glen and a 7 or 8k walk back to the car park in stunning sunshine.
Leon Mooney
wrote on August 18, 2007:
Climbed on 8/8/07 after ascending Ben More. The descent to the Bealach was fairly straightforward, as was the ascent to Stob Binnein, although it was a lot further than it initially appeared. Clear at the top and the views were wonderful. The descent into Benmore Glen was a real slog, though. Combined with Ben More this was a great (if a little long) day out.
Derrick Reid
wrote on February 21, 2006:
First (& last) mile was tough,the ground was steep and very wet. The ridge walk was pleasant,but when we reached the summit we couldn't see 10ft in front of us for freezing cloud. Too cold to hang around & too cloudy for photos,we made a hasty descent. The last mile was the most eventful,where I won the "falling on backside" competition by 3 falls to 2, thanks to an acrobatic somersault with 1/2 twist and partial backwards downhill slide. Managed to bend both my poles and got too wet & dirty to go for a pint on the way home. It'll snow in hell before I breach the Braes of Balquhidder again !
Paul Watson
wrote on May 22, 2004:
Climbed as part of route 1. Very windy but a great view from the top, particularly south. Even better was the handy boulder that acted as a wind break for lunch at the bealach between Stob Binnein and Ben More.
Trevor Mcgeechan
wrote on April 1, 2003:
Climbed hill in Mar 2003 with ascent on option 2. initial climb very steep and hard work but well worth effort on reaching the high level walk. Weather was poor which spoiled day but the views were excellent when the weather cleared and we were on our way down. Descent again was hard work , sticks were very useful. overall an interesting day with hard work attached.
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