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John Doig
wrote on September 13, 2012:
Hiked up the In Pin in 30 mph winds in the rain which made for a very greasy and nerve wracking experience for a non climber but had a very large smile on my face afterwards. All this would not have been possible without our expert guide Jonah Jones (skyemountainfever@hotmail.co.uk) who gave us the instructions and confidence to overcome it. Being a member of the Scottish Mountain Rescue team I felt very secure in the knowledge myself and my friend were in safe hands and he made for great company to and from the In Pin itself. He is also the best priced guide I could find and will certainly be calling him again next year to conquer the rest of the difficult Munro’s on the Black Cuillin Ridge.
Libby Smith
wrote on July 30, 2012:
was not looking forward to this at all weather was,nt great but my fantastic guide johna jones (skyemountainfever@hotmail.co.uk) got it bang on he said there would be a small weather window which would give us the chance to conquor the pin & he was right he was the 2nd guide ive been with on skye but he was different class will definately be back with him he has excellent mannarism & took care of me superbly so thanks johna,
Sc Joss
wrote on May 30, 2012:
Excellent day on the Pinn on 26th May in superb weather. get up early avoid the queues as some people waited more than an hour and half. bit too much time to get nervous! if going on to Mhic conich the slabs below the Pinn are not the nicest trip down. probably need to do it in reverse on a wet day.
Joseph Buchanan
wrote on May 6, 2011:
Managed to get this done on a wet and windy day with my wife and my dad who is 69 well done to them both. We were guided up by Mike Lates and his assistant Francis who did a brilliant job and made the day even more enjoyable and memorable. A big thank you to them
Aileen Moir
wrote on July 21, 2009:
Achieved the In-Pin on Sunday 19th July - a fantastic experience, wouldnt have managed without our guide Graham Paterson of Skyehi.co.uk as hadn't done any rock type climbing before and the weather was atrocious - thoroughly recommend him!!
Lorna Ritchie
wrote on May 19, 2009:
My husband, sister and I achieved the pinnacle on 13/05/09. Glorious weather. Scariest thing i've ever done. Tony our guide was excellent. Would thoroughly recommmend the experience.
Peter Lang
wrote on May 1, 2007:
In addition to my earlier comment, should have mentioned over winter changes on summit. now 1.5 ft lower as earlier highest point broken off and block used to abseil off now highest point. means need to stand on boulder 3 ft high to reach up to touch new high point. Our guide Mike,s first ascent of the season.
Peter Lang
wrote on May 1, 2007:
Superb day 26/4/07 in cuillin, blue skies light breeze. Group of 5 guided up east ridge by Mike Lates of Skye Guides. Fantastic experience, blinkers on and don't look down until at summit block. I was nervous beforehand but surprisingly calm on ascent, knees/shins scraped but who cares about style. Helped by 2nd hand pair of vintage rock boots which had only been worn in my living room beforehand - gave feeling security. Abseil off brilliant fun. Day finshed on Sgurr na Banachdich - Cuillin Munros now completed in 2 seperate visits and views every time - will be back.
Craig Robinson
wrote on September 1, 2006:
The inaccessible pinnacle is incredible. If you manage to bag this mountain, it will be the scariest and finest moment of your climbing career. The ascent of Sgurr Dearg gives litle away in terms of what is to come. Yes it's good fun scrambling through the crags but it's nothing compared to what is ahead. A word of advice, you must have a rope and have someone experienced in abseiing. My climbing partners and l hired a guide and he was fantastic, guiding and reassuring us throughout. It's not all bad though, the handholds are good throughout the ascent and if you keep your nerve you can do it.
John Schmidt
wrote on November 16, 2005:
If you are a simple walker like me and do not personally know experienced climbers you should consider hiring a guide. This is what I did when I climbed the Cuillin Munros back in 1992. I do not have a good head for heights and several times was tempted to say "I can't do this" but I found that having an extremely experienced guide gave me confidence and my head got much better as time went on. A guide will top rope you up the short, "difficult" side of the InPin, which is not really very difficult knowing you have the security of a rope. The best experience of my walking life.
Innes Macdonald
wrote on July 21, 2005:
Learn some basic climbing techniques, the climb its self isn't difficult but, lack of knowledge is. There is an absail point maintained on top, so all what is needed is harness, rope and absail device. good luck, and just enjoy it
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