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James Corrigan
wrote on May 22, 2011:
Looked at doing Schiehallion for a while now but wanted a day where the crowds would be less.Stormy 4 season type day done the trick to a certain extent but still heeps of folk about and lots in White trainers and Blue jeans!The weather varied dramticaly every 10 minutes so it made things that bit more interesting.When you enter the boulder field, it will be with you all the way to the summit.How any one could walk that in trainers is beyond me.Maybe why we never saw the trainers brigade up there!A few Cairns on route, some big,some not.Steep final pull and a wee tiny Cairn marks the summit.Wind was very strong and it was hard to stay upright so off and down with some haste!
Paul Craigie
wrote on May 30, 2010:
Set off from the car park at 9.30. Bit dull be good conditions...Half way up....all change............Sub zero and howling winds! Brrrr.....Trundled on to the top, had lunch whilst waiting for frosbite to set in! On the way down we must have encountered 30 people on the way up, including an ill-prepared youngster with trainers and shorts!!! (see photo) as usual a great day was had..!
James Mcphate
wrote on May 2, 2010:
First at the top , started at 9.35am , very light dusting of snow , also some odd flakes of snow falling , remember this is the 2nd of May. On way back down must have passed about 60 people all heading up . nightmare... A GOOD MUNRO
Scott and Jackie Turnbull
wrote on November 26, 2009:
Early start so first on the hill. Fantastic walk with mixed weather and chilly and misty on top - just as I remember it being when climbed it at school many many years ago. Rounded off the day with a pint in Aberfeldy!
Andrew Blair
wrote on July 21, 2009:
Climbed with my girlfriend in the early evening of 18/07/2009 from B of F. Weather was initially warm but showery. The luxury of the new footpath didn't last all the way up! The ridge soon became a huge boulder field which got more coarse & difficult to walk on the further we got. We lost the path several times but we knew where we had to go! Summit cairn suprisingly insignificant for such a famous hill. Cloud level was about 1000m so no summit views. It was also now bitterly cold but we had enjoyed the views while they lasted. Keeping to the right seemed to make an easier descent. Nice hill.
Alan Cantwell
wrote on May 18, 2009:
We had the whole mountain to ourselves on the 17th May 2009. We camped out overnight (not at the car-park, that’s not allowed) at the side of the road and were at the summit before 10am. We headed back down to a deserted car park to find all of the roads in the area were closed due to the Caledonian Etive cycle race. We ended up getting a motorcycle escort to Aberfeldy! Woo Hoo!!! Check if you’re going to do this Munro in May, that the roads are open!
Andrew Hart
wrote on October 13, 2008:
Climbed on 6th September 2008. Good fun day out although the weather started out overcast, but the cloud magically blew over by the time we reached the summit. Fantastic views
Pete Carson
wrote on June 24, 2008:
Top day on 15 June. Mainly sunny but windy enough to keep the temp down. Fantastic views, as always. Could have been faster up, Kyle struggled a bit, but we managed to get down at a decent speed. Met a group of railway workers at the top doing a sponsored walk for CLIMB childrens charity. They'd managed to get around £1,500. Top work Fellas!
Mike Ramsay
wrote on April 19, 2008:
A hill I've been wanting to do for ages & well worth the wait today! Easy going on the path in fine sunny/breezy weather, then a couple of pulls up to the snow field around 2500. Then imperious views all around on snow capped Munros with Ben Lawers, Meall na Tarmachan, Ben More/ Stob Binean, Beinn a'Ghlo & Beinn Dearg (Atholl) especially prominent. Even better through hardpacked snow of the boulder-field & a rewarding Arctic-type vista all around with the Buachaille & Aonach Eagach easily visible.
Ian Conn
wrote on December 20, 2007:
A nice easy walk on a dry but freezing December day on the new path until the boulder fields. There is a path through the boulders but it's easy to lose sight of it, making for some hard work on the ankles. Worth it though, because as I cleared the clouds, a short way into the boulder field I was greeted by sunshine and a spectacular view of surrounding distant peaks nudging their heads through the cloud layer. Lingered at the peak to take some amazing photographs. Wind was light and windchill manageable. Well worth the trip for an amazing first time view of winter hills with minimal snow.
Leon Mooney
wrote on July 24, 2007:
A reasonable climb - the new path is good (although I have not been on the old one, but could see parts of it when looking back). After the first large cairn it was boulder fields all the way, which is not my favourite terrain (my ankles always seem seconds away from breaking). Quite cold at the summit (with a rather small cairn - complete with tartan tie), and on my descent I passed loads of people. Boulder fields must be popular, I guess.
Sam Barber
wrote on February 5, 2007:
A tough battle of endurance through a snowy yet beautiful landscape that hid drifts of snow sometimes waist-deep. Once into the clouds horizontal blizzard conditions set in and it was all we could do to find the way to the summit past the numerous false ones! I made it after being seperated from Siri, and in the biting cold headed to turn back down, thinking i would catch him on the way, only to see him coming up too. Another victory for the lads.
Andrew Mcguire
wrote on August 24, 2005:
Lovely climb and a great view in the right weather
Simon Johnson
wrote on August 18, 2005:
My first Munro, climbed on Saturday August 13th 2005 in glorious sunshine. Enjoyed boulder-hopping near the top. A great introduction to walking here, my first time in Scotland too, certainly won't be the last! Following the new path to the south, the transition from flat to slope at the base of the mountain is fairly sharp and I certainly felt it in my knees on the way back down.
Lorna Cunningham
wrote on August 12, 2005:
Climbed end of July with my parents in their 60's and my 4 children aged 4 , twins 6 and an 8 year old. All found it fairly easy , it was the kids 2nd munro in a week. Just be careful on the rocks towards the summit as my father had a nasty fall requiring stitches on our return. Take a decent first aid kit which I guess applies to any climb.
John Malcolm
wrote on May 20, 2005:
Good starter Munro, easy walk up and down the path with no steep bits. Care is required near the summit as it's very rocky. Fantastic views all round as it's failry isolated.
Ian Hunter
wrote on May 18, 2005:
Helen and I climbed this on Friday 13th May 2005. Perfect conditions: warm sunshine and not a breath of wind at the top. Followed the path from Braes of Foss car park and then across the rocks. The last section, after leaving the path, was not particularly pleasant, but capturing our second Munro in such conditions more than made up for it.
Colin Reid
wrote on May 17, 2005:
My wife and I, both top half of our 50's and not walkers, climbed this as our first Munro in mid-May 2005. Great weather (not too hot and no precipitation) and the wind dropped when we got to the top (unusual?). We took 3 hours to get to the top and 3 hours to get down again (which was painful, to say the least!!!). It took us 3 days to recover properly, but the views made it so worthwhile - just stunning. Well worth it but never again!!!!!
Marlon Sayle
wrote on May 16, 2005:
Climbed Schiehallion on Sunday 15/5/05. The weather was warm and very bright. Took the path from the forestry commission car park on the east side (Braes of Foss). Followed the main path and turned south after ½ mile (by the first ruin) and headed round the back of Schiehallion and up Glen Mor. This made for a great day out. Eventually got to the top of the Glen and headed east and up the west ridge. This makes for an alternative route and is a good scramble for those not scared of heights!
Robert Wilson
wrote on April 5, 2005:
First Munro!! Climbed this on 4th April with my 14 year old son. Started off in glorious sunshine and within 20 minutes were experiencing horizontal hail! Typical Scottish weather- 4 seasons in one day. This did not detract from the enjoyment of reaching the top and bagging our first Munro. Only disappointment of the day was when we got back to Aberfeldy and the Chippie was shut!!!
Sandra Macleod
wrote on February 22, 2005:
We climbed this in Feb 2005, total time taken being just slightly more than the drive from Glasgow! Snowstorm reduced the visibility and made progress across the rocks and boulders near the summit a bit more difficult - care required. Otherwise an excellent short trip for non-walking friends! The new path lends itself to a desire to jog back down but The Boyfriend was having none of it!
Allan and kirsty Thomson
wrote on January 30, 2005:
Our first munro bagged as a married couple. Great climb - my 11 year niece managed it in 3.5 hours. Amazing views but extremely windy at the top. The snow made the descent easy - but watch out for unexpected pit holes in the snow. Toilets not open in winter but plenty of heather!! Allan and kirsty
Steven Morrow
wrote on November 3, 2004:
Climbed on 30/07/04 not a munro bagger, but got to the top in 55mins with my two labs, then jogged back down well once past the rough, got back to the car park in 35mins, must be a record, anyone remember me as the route was like a busy day in the city.
James Mcdougall
wrote on October 5, 2004:
Definately a good starting point for new munro baggers. The footpath which leads most of the way up makes the going easy and readily accessible and there is no complicated map reading required for beginners. A little care is needed towards the top where rocks and boulders can twist an ankle but this isn't a real problem so long as you mind your footing. On a clear day the views are excellent. Those who are a little more adventurous may prefer to climb the west slope, avoiding the footpath which can seem a little tame.
Jim Brown
wrote on September 20, 2004:
I climbed this hill on a pleasant day in May.The work of the John Muir trust has to be commended, the new footpath is very well constructed and if it prevents erosion of the hillside so much the better.The walk was very pleasant and would be an ideal hill for introducing walkers to the Munro's. I followed the path to the boulder field,you have to exercise some care when negotiating this section.The summit was reached fairly quickly without racing up.The views from the summit were spectacular and a worthwhile reward for the effort. A pleasant stroll back down to Braes of Foss and back to base.
Dan&miriam Hanks
wrote on August 27, 2004:
First mountain climbed since moving to Scotland over a week ago! Fairly quick and easy peak, with great views west from the summit. We could even see the top of the Ben around 40 miles away.
Frank Thorpe
wrote on July 28, 2004:
Probably the easiest climb i've done so far. The path leads right from the car park to the last third then its like climbing through a quarry full of boulders until the summit .Don't be surprised if you have to search for a place to park your weary bones at the top as its very busy on the mountain most times, definetly not a climb to get away from it all. Took less than 3 hrs up and down in July 2004
Thomas Mcalonan
wrote on January 21, 2004:
Terrible conditions and a late start made this a bitch of a walk. Most enjoyable munro climbed so far due to triumph over conditions. Got no view though. Climbed on 10 Jan.
David Hume
wrote on November 9, 2003:
New path is now open and is a "nice and fairly easy" wee walk up to where it meets the old path. From there, it is a simple case of heading up hill and using the cairns to get you to the top. I promise to come back to see the view, we had about 50 meters visabiltiy all the way up and down.
Douglas Mcdougall
wrote on October 1, 2003:
I took the path from the car park, which is very good and takes you at least 70% of the way up the mountain. The last mile or so is over a small boulder field which isn't a struggle. The weather was fantastic as were the views. It took approx 1 hr 25 mins to get to the top, admittedly I wasn't hanging around as I was on route to another Munro to "bag". This is a nice easy Munro.
Chris Dwyer
wrote on June 23, 2003:
A very simple, yet ellegent mountain. Took a total of four hours car to car, and that was not at a fast pace. A very good introduction for the beginner. Look out for the loose boulders higher up that slow you down. Good views from the top? Don't know - was clouded out!!
Stephen Thomson
wrote on August 22, 2002:
Schiehallion makes for a very enjoyable outing, and even moreso in the snow which I climbed it in. It commands good views in all directions, but especially to the west over Rannoch.
John Walker
wrote on June 20, 2002:
The mountain responsible for coaxing me into Munroing. Looks like Mount Fuji from the right angle, especially from Glen Tilt where I was mountain biking. Easy, and a great introduction.
Tim Coaker
wrote on September 4, 2001:
This mountain has a steep climb to the plateau then involves scrambling over large uneven rocks to the summit.A fairly quick but enjoyable climb with excellent views.
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