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Sophie Easton-mckenzie
wrote on October 17, 2012:
We set off from the Spittle of Glen Muick and followed the route to Lochnagar. I struggled with a little with my knee and the steep incline up the ladder but the view was worth the pain. The weather was so clear we could see for miles. From Lochnagar we started to hear the rutting stags, we couldn't see them by could hear they were close by. We headed west from Lochnagar to Carn a'Choire Bhoideach- the path to the cairn at the top of the summit could easily be missed so don't get too caught up in deep conversation, like we did! From there we headed to Carn an t-Sagairt Mor- the path runs round the side of the summit untill it takes a right towards the summit, there are 2 cairns, the first one is not the top! There's debris of an RAF plane scattered around the sides. We headed off the beaton track to Dubh Loch which was very difficult underfoot, very boggy and rocky, knee deep in mud. At this point we were then interrupted by a herd of 20+ stags who ran 100m in front of us -> Loch Muick
Sc Joss
wrote on August 3, 2009:
This group of hills can be climbed from the balmoral side. Care is required not to get lost in the balmoral forest but the paths are clearly marked on the map. Climb via the Prince's stone and then directly on to first munro. This does miss out Meikle pap but the Balmoral Forest is superb and fine views are afforded on the ascent. We went on to do Cairn Bannoch and Broad Cairn, before taking in carn t'Sagairt Mor and then descending back to the Balmoral forest. (9.5 hours) It may not be quicker than the circuit of Loch Muick when doing 5 but it is for Lochnagar alone and saves on driving.
Alan Cantwell
wrote on July 24, 2008:
I climbed all 3 of these in one (roasting hot) day with my 9 year old grandson and 2 border collies, it was a fantastic day out but I must admit a bit far for my grandson in the heat. Once your at high level the going is relatively easy but be aware that the ascent from Carn an Sagairt Mor towards Dubh Loch is difficult going through the boulders and bog, my collies were struggling at times!!
Hetty Porter
wrote on June 16, 2008:
We started from the Spittal of Glenmuick car park, and walked up the Lochnagar Path. We got to the ridge between Cac Carn Mor and the Meikle Pap, and were hit with horizontal hailstones, so we didn't climb the Pap, but once the poor weather passed, we were rewarded with stunning views of the sheer crags of Lochnagar and the lochan itself. We climbed Cac Carn Mor by scrambling up from the ridge that overlooks the lochan and walked to the peak of Lochnagar along the tops of the crags. From the summit, we were able to see for miles around, before the weather started to close in on us. On our way back down, we followed the Glas Allt all the way down to Loch Muick, past the spectacular waterfalls. We walked along the loch's Northern coast, down the East coast, and followed the Loch Muick path back up to the car park.
Albert Morgan
wrote on May 15, 2007:
Lochnagar was my first Munro, in 1966 at the tender age of fourteen I climbed to the top with a party from Summerhill School Aberdeen. Something else happened that year that we are never allowed to forget the only difference being I have repeated my feat many times which is more than the other lot have done (HA HA).
Graeme Munro
wrote on May 10, 2006:
Fantastic weather on 29/4/06. Could see all surrounding mountains very clearly - even as far as Schiehallion. Took the usual route up: via the memorial. Then descended on the path alongside the stream, Glas Allt, down to the North shore of Loch Muick. Views of the steep South side of the loch very impressive from that angle and the Falls of the Glasallt are a must-see! 6 hours walking time altogether.
Ronnie Mutch
wrote on August 5, 2005:
Love this hill! Definitely worth taking an extra half hour to see the amazing views from the top of Meikle Pap though.
Brian Sandison
wrote on July 1, 2005:
Weather started out unpromisiingly with low cloud/mist but there was enough clear bits to make this a very enjoyable walk. The deer were very close at times and added to the enjoyment. Got great views down on the lochnagar through the mist from the top of Meikle Pap. Also had a nice food break beside the summit cairn of Cac Carn Beag. Only downside was the voracious midges at the car park - I still have the lumps almost one week after!
Tony Whitehead
wrote on February 20, 2005:
This was a big walk that I reserved for a good day in spring. Alighting from the 'bus at Balmoral I ascended Lochnagar and the 2 neighbours and finished at Braemar. This provided me with a good view of the hill on the approach. The walk over Carn an t-Sagairt Beag was particularly satisfying with a confiding pair of Rock Ptarmigan and a Dotterel seen. There were golden plover in the col leading to Carn an t-Sagairt Mor as well. A feeling of sadness seeing the aircraft remains on the hill. In all a grand long walk best reserved for a perfect day.
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