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Liam O'Hagan
wrote on November 10, 2008:
2nd time round..still hard work but worth it..came out thru the lost valley this time, very steep descent initially over loose scree but settled down once nearer the valley, had to scramble over the boulders and cross the river in the dark..great fun.
Peter Lang
wrote on September 1, 2008:
Circuit over both Munros via lost valley and Coire nan Lochan on excellent made paths for majority of way.
Keith Scott
wrote on October 31, 2007:
Started to feel the chill of winter as I climbed ascending via Coire Nan Lochan. Louie (my dog) and I enjoyed the solitude that this route offered. Visibility was good untill the summit with the occasional shower.
John Wilkie
wrote on May 11, 2007:
The best mountain yet. Great scramble up to Lochan then an easy traverse up the ridge to Bidean. The massive buttress after Lochan is magnificent, seeing that is worth the climb alone. We continued (myself and my mate Marty) to summit Sgreamhach, an easy scramble at this time of year. Definately coming back in the winter as both mountains look more impressive and challenging at this time of year. Fantastic views over the Lost Valley. The descent can be tricky at all times of year, steep and hazardous. In winter it fills with snow and I can imagine avalanche conditions being prevelant.
Craig Robinson
wrote on August 30, 2006:
The Bidean massif is a truely magnificent mountain. I love this hill. Climbed it with my mate Iain may 04 on a beautiful sunny day. Beware though, it demands respect. Steep sides with big drops coupled with loose scree paths make this a serious days climbing. It's all worth it though. The views from the tops are incredible, especially of the Aonach Eagach ridge. The route through Coire Gabhail and the Lost Valley is the busiest route up the mountain, it's also the best in my opinion. When on the top take the time to ascend Stob Coire Nan Lochan. A viewpoint to beat all others.
Alex Bryce
wrote on August 6, 2006:
A word about the terrain. Many routes on Bidean are following narrow paths littered with loose gravel and scree, skirting steep rocky slopes. Technically straightforward walking but requiring care.
Paul Mcgrane
wrote on August 21, 2005:
Climbed this a few months back, came up straight from loch achtriochan through the corries. It was tough but amazing. One of the most beautiful mountains in the UK. However my mate dave sat on a boulder on a bealach between the eastern ridge and the summit, it slipped and a boulder the size of a TV set fell (luckily without him still sitting on it) into the valley about 100ft plus a long roll. Be careful where you step particularly on ridges but the moderate risk is considerably worthwhile! My favourite munro so far!
Sandra Macleod
wrote on December 1, 2004:
Climbed October 04 and t-shirts were the order of the day until just before the summit - fantastic! Had a really great day all round and taking the Stob Coire nan Lochan route avoided the hordes trekking up through the Lost Valley - also provides some scrambling if you drop down off the path a little. The views, memories and photos are amazing.
Mark Gibson
wrote on October 15, 2004:
Top notch. Great day out, if your not into winter stuff I'd suggest you keep this for a good summers day to appreciate the superb view. Some caution should be used in the descent to the hidden valley, a steep descent which can be problematic for those not used to scrambling.
Kevin Mckeown
wrote on June 23, 2004:
My three friends and I climbed this on 20th June 2004 the weather was very good with some broken clouds and like previous comments on this mountain I too went via the Stob Coire nan Lochan route onwards to Bidean nam Bian. The views that are seen from all around is breathtaking and well worth the effort. Only one point of caution is to keep a very close eye on the ridge pathways leading to Bidean nam Bian from Stob Coire nan Lochan as I was unfortunate to catch my sole of my boot on a small stone which lead me tumbling down 50ft to a very grateful stop. We came down after that and now gradually recovering with thankfully only four cracked ribs. Please be safe and respect every tiny stone. (Hey still a great day out with excellent views).
Ian Stewart
wrote on August 15, 2003:
I climbed this his at the start of August 2003. It is a fantastic hill and the views all around are simply breathtaking. Climbed up to Stob Coire nan Lochan, which in itself was an amazing hill, and then along the ridge to Bidean nam Bian. Unfortunately the sky was rather hazy which limited the views. Decided not to tackle Sgreamhach, and dropped down into the lost valley. All in all a great day out.
Kimberley Gibson
wrote on June 21, 2003:
This is the second time I have been up Bidean and it is one of the finest in Scotland. This attempt took the path up to Stob Coire nan Lochan in some very thick cloud then continued along the ridge up to Bidean nam Bian. Could not see a thing from the top so continued down to the Bealach. Decided on not doing Sgreamhach as the weather was closing in and would not have had any view. So we descended very steeply at a 70 degree angle down some very loose scree down into Coire Gabhail and into the Lost Valley. Followed the defined path until the huge glacial boulders were the path is ill defined.
John Gearty
wrote on November 19, 2002:
Climbed this in april 2001, went up through lost valley, this gave great snow climb, in my top 5 munros so far.
John Walker
wrote on February 27, 2002:
My first 'proper' Munro (after taking the easy route up Aonach Mor!). Couldn't see a thing all day, but loved every minute of it.
Mark Southgate
wrote on November 10, 2001:
In winter this is the finest munro in all of Glencoe, and one of the best in all of Scotland!
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