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James Corrigan
wrote on February 27, 2011:
Started from the car park and up to Beinn Ghlas via Creag nan Gabhiar.At this point it was getting very icy so on with crampons and out with ice axe.This always increases the boldness so decided to hack my way up 2 long and steep snow packs to the top of Beinn Ghlas.The connecting ridge to Lawers was also frozen solid and i worried for several folks including one group with 4 children around age 10 with no crampons on the connecting ridge.Over to Ben Lawers and up a nice steep ice slab, then re joined the main path to Lawers summit.Weather does its worst and a whilte out is on me.Battled to the top and back rapid before the wind chill froze me to the spot!Returned same route and the weather cleared again giving great views of most of the Munro`s in the area.
Fiona Thomson
wrote on September 19, 2009:
Sunny with snowy patches. Climbed again with Lou, sunny but cloudy but views from the top. This was second time up hill as first climbed approx 9 years ago with my Dad, even though he cheated and went to BL on the low path and made me go via BG first. 19.09.09 climbed yet agin, plan B as meant to go up Meall Nan Tarmachan but due to mist headed up side path to BL first then over to BG. A lot easier that way and much more fun due to the three lads we met from E Kilbride who made us laugh all the way home, even in the mist and rain and taught us to 'point'.
Cameron Gair
wrote on September 14, 2009:
Climbed with my son on Friday 4/09/09. Weather very cloudy and very windy with 60 mph gusts but no rain. Climbed the Munro magic route from visitor centre above Loch Tay. The Centre is closed permanently now. Good path up to Beinn Ghlas which we reached in 1 hour 15 mins then onto Ben Lawers. The path to An Stuc bears left (North) at the 2 trig points. Fairly easy climb to An Stuc which we reached in 45 mins from Ben Lawers. Cloud lifted lower down. Had to return to Ben Lawers then descended to where the path branches and took the very easy path down the valley. 5 hours 15 mins round trip.
Martin Briggs
wrote on September 8, 2008:
A Superb effort from my Little one aged 8 who did very well to get to the summit..although she did keep asking me where all the other kids were..!! She wanted to go on..We..My wife and I were too tired...LOL She always seems determined to finish what she started. A wonderful day with wonderful views
Gary Welsh
wrote on August 25, 2008:
Set out for what looked like being a beautiful day. The target was at least Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers, with the possibility of adding An Stuc and Meall Garbh should we feel up to it. The NTS car park was bathed in sunshine, so not really concerned about the clouds enveloping the peaks. Once we got towards the clouds though it became clear that the wind was going to pick up the higher we got. Soon we had only 20-30 metres visibility, but we found the first target, Beinn Ghlas after 90 minutes climbing. We continued upwards along the ridge to Ben Lawers, easily summited only 20 minutes or so later. We were pleased to find the summit was naturally sheltered from the wind, and we happily ate lunch in the company of several other climbers. On descent we got a close up view of a large group of deer. A pretty nice way to remember a climb which promised much, but delivered very little else.
Leon Mooney
wrote on July 20, 2008:
Climbed on 20/07/08 - after climbing Beinn Ghlas I headed off to Ben Lawers which was a straightforward descent and ascent, despite the wind trying its best to force me off the path. I was astonished to find it had only taken me 30 minutes between the two.
Bill Boyter
wrote on June 3, 2008:
31st May 2008 - myself, Dave and Paul. Cloudy start to the day, but this was soon to change within the hour. The sun came out and blazed down on us the rest of the day. Took the "low" road round the bottom of Ghlas and then up on the path leading to Lawers summit. Lunch on the summit and then the return journey over the top of Ghlas. Excellent day with Dave and Paul triumphant on bagging their first two Munros.
Michael Todd
wrote on April 21, 2008:
Couldnt have asked for a better day, snow on the hill and not a cloud above me. Beautiful views all the way up the hill. You cant buy the views from any munros. Especially on clear day.
John Gilchrist
wrote on January 3, 2008:
Not the most inspiring trip - unless you can do it in the snow as I did today. Then the three lane erosion is hidden and the place becomes truly blissful.
John Wilkie
wrote on March 31, 2007:
Only meant to bag Beinn Ghlas then Ben Lawers and head home as we had a big day with ropes in Glen Coe (Three Sisters) the next day. The weather was the best that its been all year, so decided to continue onto An Stuc, ended up also doing Meall Garbh and finally Meall Greigh. As I had already done Ghlas but my friend Marty hadn't we ran up it in an hour, in fact you could drive a bus up there. It as a perfect day, visibility for hundreds of miles and we were above any clouds that did attempt to appear. Dropped down to the col and then back up to ascend Lawers. Quite an easy climb with few technicalities. Enjoyed an early lunch on the summit then decided the day was too good to stop there. Onto An Stuc, tricky descend off the NE of Lawers, large frozen snow slope forced us to put crampons on, became steep on ascent again, but no real difficulties. Good scarmble down other side, Meall Greigh and Meall Garbh were a bit disappointing after the scramble.
Sam Barber
wrote on February 5, 2007:
As part of an attempted round trip of Ghlas, Lawers, An Stuc, Meall Garbh and Meall Greigh. Poor visibility until the summit, where the we came out above the dense cloud to a vista of blazing hot sun and a white blanket stretching as far as the eye could see, covering the whole of the landscape - truly magical. Unfortunately we lost our bearings on the descent to An Stuc and had to turn back in the face of worsening weather. * A second expedition on December 27th 2006 saw us conquer An Stuc after revisiting Ghlas and Lawers, only for Siri to meet with misery on its notorious descent. (see An Stuc for more!)
Craig Robinson
wrote on August 30, 2006:
Starting from the National Trust Visitors Centre, you are already 400 meters up. This makes Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers a relatively easy two ticks on your munro chart. From the visitors centre head north east, an obvious path will lead you to the top of Beinn Ghlas. The cairn here is very disapointing. Following this, continue in a north-east direction. A badly eroded path will lead you to the top of Ben Lawers without much difficulty. In very poor weather conditions, this route took me five hours. Not the hardest day out, but a sure fire way to bag Scotlands tenth highest hill.
Andrew Bassett
wrote on May 8, 2006:
Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers were out first Munros. The visitors centre makes a good starting point and the clear path leads first up to the top of Beinn Ghlas and then on to Ben Lawers. At times we found the route hard going, however this was down to our poor levels of fitness and experience. Once at the top of Ben Lawers it felt like we were on the top of the world. The views were truly amazing. We are now hooked and hope to climb many more mountains.
Colin & kay James
wrote on April 15, 2005:
The best way to 'do' Ben Lawers is to combine it with the other six munros in the Lawers group and then you will have the satisfaction of telling everybody about bagging seven in a day (says Kay). We parked our car, with permission, at the Ben Lawers Hotel and got a taxi to take us up to the start point on the road between Loch Tay and Glen Lyon. Starting with Meall a Choire Leith, from which the days challenge can be seen before you, it is just a case of up and down across the peaks, with the descent of An Stuc the only tricky bit. Took our time 10.5 hours & Ben Lawers Hotel does great food
Stephen Langston
wrote on October 9, 2004:
Climed Ben Ghlas, Lawyers, An Stuc, Meall Garbh and Meall Greigh today, what a day. Definately the best day out ever. Started with Neinn ghlas and carried on over all five. The weather was perfect but the feet and knnes are not perfect now. Watch the descent of An Stuc. It is virtually a verticle drop and we had to be helped down by some seasoned pro's. I got a touch of vertigo. The whole climb took seven and a half hours and we were met at the Ben Lawyers pub by our mountain guru Jimmy. Special thanks to the guys who helped us down An Stuc.
Frank Thorpe
wrote on July 12, 2004:
Easiest munro so far especially when you come of the main road and drive the first 400m up the hillside road (you feel like your cheating). Once your in the car park and ready for the climb you can see the challenge ahead . Its a very direct route and a very calculated even manufactured not much natural about this climb but because of the height it has your respect.You have to go over Beinn Ghlas first which is a major disapointment at the summit its a case of "is this it"?The final climb to Ben Lawers after the initial dip is again very steep and direct but you feel you've earned your peace .
Steven Penman
wrote on October 20, 2003:
Quite a short day, made the summit and back down in 3 hours. Not too challenging. However despite the wind rain and snow the sun came out as we approached the summit and the view was spectacular! Well worth the climb!
Roger Green
wrote on August 27, 2002:
There arn't many Munros this high that come this easy. A high starting point and a good clear path (paved on any difficult sections) may not give the "wilderness" feeling of some of the more remote Munros, but still add up to a great days walking in some spectacular scenary. Ignore what mountain snobs say about the "horrors of the visitors centre" and enjoy a classic walk without having to worry about where to park or the proximity of deer stalking.
Tom & heather Little
wrote on October 3, 2001:
An easy interesting day out especially for new Munroe-baggers,if you do not like exposure but a wonderful panorama try this for size.
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