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James Corrigan
wrote on October 17, 2010:
Started East of Loch Awe on the B8077 where this a large ugly scar well up Alt Coire Ghlais.Not sure what the work is but it is not pretty.Headed directly for the buttress between Stob Garbh and Stob Diamh for a nice and steep scramble then on to the summit for truly outstanding views as far as Arran and Ben Nevis.West and down to the Munro top Drochaid Ghlass and then the steep pull up Ben Cruachan.Not before stopping to admire the large Coire on Cruachan.There is an Arete style scramble up the the pointy summit.We continued the day from here and took in the Corbett Beinn a Bhuiridh from Cruachan reservoir.
Linda Smith
wrote on August 26, 2010:
If starting from tunnel under Falls of Cruachan station don't miss the small footpath sharp left through bracken before you reach the top of the steps behind the station (next to start of pylon). This is a full day's walk needing plenty of stamina especially for the scramble at the top of Ben Cruachan (and for getting down again!). Choose a day with clear blue skies to take best advantage of spectacular views, but take care looking up as the mud, scree and rocks underfoot demand close attention! The walk up to the reservoir is also rewarding for those who don't want to go all the way.
William Thomson
wrote on August 9, 2010:
Take in all the 3000+ summits and Corbett in the one go, this makes for a good enjoyable walk!
Bruce Donachie
wrote on July 12, 2009:
I'm not sure where I read it (may have been McNeish's "The Monros") but "the traverse of the Cruachan ridge is the best walk in the Southern Highlands". I couldn't agree more! On a clear, if a little hazy, day, this was a fantastic walk where it is possible to take in 10 peaks (2 Monros, 1 Corbett + 7 just as attractive), if you didn't mind extending yourself to descending and re-ascending some of the smaller off shoot ridges, and a Corbett,with fantastic views all round, and nowhere near as hard or as exposed as it looks.
Craig Robinson
wrote on August 30, 2006:
Climbed Cruachan and Stob Daimh jan 06. Practically no snow on the tops. Strange! Started from tunnel under Falls of Cruachan station. There was a sign from the police warning of potential car crime. My car was intact when I returned seven hours later. Took the hills in a clock-wise route, ascending between Meall Cuanail and Ben Cruachan. Took in Ben Cruachan, Drochai Ghlas, Stob Daimh and Stob Garbh.Fantastic route, the ridge is narrow in places requiring concentration. Great fun though! Descended between Stob Garbh and Beinn a' Bhuiridh. Straightforward from here back to car.
David Harbottle
wrote on June 7, 2006:
A magnificient mountain - one of the best in Scotland IMHO. The standard circuit from lochawe, over Cruachan and Stob Diamh is straigtforward, but save it for a good day for the stunning views over most of the Highlands and Islands.
Fiona Johnstone
wrote on May 6, 2006:
Went up on a beautiful clear day with my husband in May - our second attempt after getting 3/4 of the way up in low cloud base the day before. The views from the top are spectacular and if I was brave I would like to get across the ridge to Stob Diamh. A good walk with some boggy and rough patches on the way.
john young
wrote on October 6, 2003:
Did this in very wet, windy and misty conditions, taking in Stob Diamh first from the reservoir. The route is quite challenging to navigate in thick mist and GPS is very useful. Ours and another party both got off route, despite being very experienced. There is a definite scramble as you approach Cruachan which can be avoided by traversing exposed slabs - not nice in the wet. A good day out, though and probably excellent when views are to be had.
Kimberley Gibson
wrote on June 21, 2003:
My father and I decided on the anti-clockwise route: Taking the well worn footpath upto the resevoir we beared right and took the very muddy path half way along the res before enduring a steep climb up onto Stob Garbh. We then continued along the ridge up onto the summit of Stob Diamh. After pulling ourselves away from the summit view we contiunued west along the main ridge to Drochaid Ghlas and then on to the craggy summit of Ben Cruachan. Beware of route finding when descending this peak in cloud or mist, but a compass bearing of due south will get you to Meall Cuanail.
David Brown
wrote on September 13, 2002:
I enjoyed the clockwise option: take the tunnel under Falls of Cruachan Station, follow the steep wooded path up the east bank of the burn, climb a metal ladder towards the western end of the dam wall and walk along the side of the reservoir. At the end of the res, turn left up a vague muddy path to the bealach, then right up a steep rocky path to the top of Ben Cruachan. Follow the strenuous edge to Stob Diamh, then turn right over its southern top and drop down boggy slopes to the east side of the reservoir and down to the station.
Gordon Struth
wrote on April 23, 2002:
Parking isn't that bad at the foot of the burn, and there's loads of parking in the Hydro visitor's centre. Also, the horseshoe is best done E-W, giving the best views at the end of the day.
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