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Michael Durie
wrote on April 25, 2012:
Climbed Ben Chonzie on 23rd of March from the dam along the Loch side path with my brother Adam. This was our first munro, parked at dam car park and headed along the loch. It was a clear and sunny at first but really misty at the summit, still had some snow on higher ground. Found the route quite easy to follow as its just one big long path, once the path end the terrain was quite boggy, took a more direct climb up to the summit. Ended up taking a detour (not intentionally) on the way back and ended up quite far away, followed the fence for to long, we did come across an old farm house. Think we ended up walking about 22km in total and ended up back at the car just before it got to dark to see anything. Picked up a big freshly fallen deer antler so a good memento for the trip. Was a really good experience and learn a lot about hill walking.
Edward Chance
wrote on October 24, 2011:
Climbed on 23rd October , horribly wet and very low cloud cover. Noted a lot of erosion from waypoint 4 to the summit. Also lots of people creating new paths beside the main walkway
Martin Scott
wrote on June 28, 2010:
done the round of the hills from the Dam car park. weather was sunny to begin with the it clouded over by the time we came off the final hill, a good day out with good all round views of the surrounding hills
Cameron Gair
wrote on March 14, 2010:
Climbed Ben Chonzie on 27th February from Glen Lednock with my son Andrew and his friend Andrew Q. Parked at Coishavachen and headed up track. Deep snow drifts with soft snow. Clear at first but cold. Passed another 3 young walkers on the way up. The track heads quite far up the hill. Eventually left the track and headed up the hill into deep soft snow eventually reaching the line of fence posts which can be followed to the summit. Windy on top and visibility was poor owing to the wind blown snow. Reached the top in around 2 hours 40 mins with a 4 hour 15 mins round trip. GPS came in handy.
Fiona Clarke
wrote on December 11, 2009:
LOST CAMERA ON BEN CHONZIE! I went up ben chonzie today (11/12/09), fantastic day - great cloud conversion on the valley floor To my despair, i realised my camara was missing and now i don't have any more time off for a while. so please could anyone heading up there look out for it? its just a small black case with it inside, if anything, the simcard is more valuable to me - it was my friends first munro! thinking back, its prob around grid 771296 along side the small path up. Please please be my hero! - life time of gratitude up for grabs! if found please email f_clarke24@hotmail.com Fiona
Scott and Jackie Turnbull
wrote on November 26, 2009:
good if not a great mountain ..... thoroughly enjoyed. excellent path most of way up becoming progressively rougher and steeper as it goes on. decent stroll to summit. weather was damn cold but hey sure beats bacon rolls and tea in bed. apparantly hahaha. oh and the pub after was the caledonian in crieff.
Andrew Blair
wrote on June 15, 2009:
Climbed from Invergeldie Farm on 07/06/09 with my girlfriend. Dry day, sunny spells, high cloud & superb visibility. Just as well the views were stunning as the long, steep track was at times tedious. On the way up, we rescued a sheep which was stuck upside down in a ditch, so that gave us something to talk about. The mountain hares were out in force too. Could only recommend this hill on a clear day.
Alan Cantwell
wrote on June 3, 2008:
I climbed Ben Chonzie on the 1st June 2008 with my two sons, grandson and two border collies. It was a brilliant day out, highly recommended, and the burn alongside most of the path to the summit meant it was a great choice with dogs on a hot day.
Kenny Telfer
wrote on January 22, 2008:
Please pay attention to the comments made about losing your dog! A freind and I climbed Ben Chonzie on 20/01/08 in the snow and just before we got to the fenceline the cloud cover came down and off went the Australian kelpies chasing Hares. I did read these articles before I went but didnt really pay too much attention! Beware - there are tons of hares! A massive thank you to all who really helped by keeping an eye out for him, and a special mention to Ross and his team who rescued him and took him back to the car (and gave him a cheese roll! His favourite!!)I`ll upload a photo of him! thanks!
John Thompson
wrote on November 21, 2007:
In response to Margaret Spalding's previous comment, we were the party who lost Lucy. We would all like to thank Margaret and her friend who so thankfully found Lucy and carried her down to the car park. Some sort of record must have been set with most of our party summiting three times in one hour in the hunt for the pooch! Beware the Hares at the top if you have a silly crazy dog!
Margaret Spalding
wrote on November 11, 2007:
Having climbed this from Invergeldie and now from Glen Turret I would say it was no contest and the Glen Turret route, though longer, wins hands down. Even on a freezing, windy day like today it was a great walk with terrific views. Nobody could accuse it of being exciting, but it was certainly not boring. A few very soggy patches mean that you do return looking as though you have been up a hill. To make the day even better we managed to retrieve a lost dog from near the summit and reunite it with its owner. Leave the hares alone next time, Lucy!
John Fulton
wrote on November 10, 2007:
Climbed with Stuart this morning and it was a pretty dull hill. The weather when we set of was good but the top was very cold, probably about 2 degrees but the wind was blowing about 45/50mph and it felt much colder. This is not a hill I will be rushing back to do again. I also only saw one hare and it looked as if it wanted to be there even less than me. Only good for building up fitness which was exactly why I walked it today.
Leon Mooney
wrote on October 21, 2007:
Climbed with Christine, who chose it because she reckoned the scenery would be nice. Pity then, that we could see next to nothing the whole time (aside from the reservoir), due to the low cloud. Took the path along the east side of Loch Turret and found the bit after Lochan Uaine (complete with bothy floor) to be steep, but straightforward. Didn't stay long at the top and headed back in the rain for lunch in the car.
John Wilkie
wrote on July 23, 2007:
Jacob (6.5) & Aaron's (5) first Munro (hence the long route time!) Clear views of the Lawers Range. A great achievement for the two boys, personally the hill is a lump of rock and nothing more. I hate hills that you feel you could have drove up. Still, the weather went against the forecast and it didnt clag once or rain. Problems with the camera meant no pics... This has to be the easiest Munro on the planet. Michelle (my wife) came along for the walk and seemed to enjoy herself (?). This is a good Munro to get your kids started, though if the weather had been any different I reckon it could also put them off for life.
Roger Vander Steen
wrote on April 7, 2007:
3rd April 2007. We followed Munromagic Route 1 as far as waypoint 4 but stayed on the stony track to the end. A faint track led north towards the fence posts leading to the summit. This is a less steep alternative. The hares were there as usual, many of them still white. Also a ptarmigan.
Donny McKie
wrote on December 3, 2006:
Weather was rubbish. Hill was rubbish. This lump was the easiest by far munro I've climbed yet - a huge scar of a landrover track right up the middle of it takes you to a muddy path which, in turn, takes you past several pointless cairns, joins a line of fence posts and leads to the huge shelter at the top.
Michael Daws
wrote on September 4, 2006:
A nice summers day in June - met the same(?) two retired gentlemen - apparantly this was the 55th time one of them had climbed this mountain - what else do they do in their spare time?
Andrew Bassett
wrote on May 8, 2006:
We climbed this on a sunny Sunday in August. Make sure you know where to start as there are no clear signs. Once on the right path it takes you very close the summit. It was surprisingly windy at the top. However we were greeted with nice views of Loch Turret and the surrounding area.
David Mcintosh
wrote on November 29, 2005:
Fantastic day, a lot of snow from 500m up ,bitterly cold but crystal clear. The views over to the Lawers group was breathtaking like a row of christmas cakes! Met a couple of retired gentlemen on return to bottom , this was their 50th time to the top. Now thats dedication.
Stuart Reid
wrote on October 21, 2005:
Just back from Ben Chonzie today (22/10/05)and although the visibility on top was pretty bad I still felt that it is a good Munro. A fairly easy one as they but the sight of two mountain hares scooting off was a real treat. The summit cairn is perfect for ducking in behind and wolfing down the tomato soup!!
Ann Davidson
wrote on October 15, 2005:
Climbed this on 24th September and agree that it deserves a better reputation. The local kids were running a tea, coffe and hot soup stall when I got back to the car park - very welcome indeed!
Ian Cameron
wrote on August 20, 2005:
Climbed this one today from Glen Lednock on the hottest day of the year so far. Lovely hill with amazing views in all directions and very quiet. I would definately do this again. Much better than its reputation which i think is a very unfair. Do it on a good day for the views. Very nice walk along the ridge once the ATV track ends.
Martin Beswick
wrote on June 26, 2005:
Excellent day out in baking hot sunshine! First Munro for about a year & managed it in 3.15mins. Views from the summit worth the walk, has to be one of the easiest munro's to bag?
Lorna Ewing
wrote on June 1, 2005:
Hares fantastic - wish i'd taken my dog!, lots of frogs on lochside path, lot of toilet paper behind boulders, got slightly lost on the way down but certainly not dull hill.
Stephen Thomson
wrote on July 14, 2004:
Not sure why so many books describe the hill as "dull". There may be no narrow ridges or the likes, but I think this hill suffers an unnecessarily bad press. I rather enjoyed the view of the Lawers range from this angle, and I thought the hill's position clarified its standing relative to other nearby Munros.
Alan Lorimer
wrote on March 7, 2004:
Climbed this on 9th March. Main feaure of the day is that I lost my watch playing in the snow. (I'd be grateful for its return - Camel Trophy Chronograph with leather strap). Snow was sparse, the day sunny but cold. Chonzie is quite boring, but the day was made more interesting by the walk to Carn Chois. Descended via Carroglen, and turned right along the indistinct path at 767255, however be prepared to get your feet wet fording the burn as there is no obvious crossing.
Trevor Mcgeechan
wrote on August 25, 2003:
On a beautiful day the initial walk along loch turret sets you up for a scramble up to the ridge and and the summit. A very enjoyable long walk back via sw ridge, viewing loads of hares and buzzards, and taking care not to drop down from the hill too quickly and miss cairn chois and the remainder of the walk to the dam.
Colin Robertson
wrote on April 22, 2003:
Done this hill with my mate jimmy "the beard" on22/4/03. One of the easiest hills we have climbed weather cloudy. A tad boring hill to say the least not in my top 100+. last but not least. The "little chef" on the A9 south rather spoilt the day futher the service being zero.
James Moncrieff
wrote on April 22, 2003:
This has got to be one of the more easiest munros on the list. Not to much of a view at the top (very misty)
Graham Young
wrote on October 21, 2002:
Save this hill for a clear day and enjoy the wonderful views.
Jim Moran
wrote on September 10, 2002:
A superb lochside walk followed by some easy scrambling and an excellent view from the cosy summit shelter. A great afternoon outing to break up the long drive north.
Bruce Cowan
wrote on May 14, 2002:
Easily best by the track along Loch Turret - scramble up onto the N.E. ridge and back to the dam over Carn Chois - with the mountain hares around, makes a wonderful day.
Kenneth Bell
wrote on April 17, 2002:
This is a superb hill with fantastic views. Snow Hares made the day extra special.
Vic Duncan
wrote on April 7, 2002:
Suggested in my Munro book as the dullest Munro in the land. On a sunny 6th April it provided stunning views of the Ben Lawers range. I'm buying a new Munro book!
Jon Robinson
wrote on September 26, 2001:
Best left for a clear sunny winter's day.
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