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James Corrigan
wrote on February 5, 2011:
This may be an easy mountain due to its high start point from the upper car park.Don`t be fooled in Icy conditions though.It changes in to a real challenge when the slopes are solid ice as they were today.Full mountain Winter kit is needed under these conditions or you are in for a treacherous time.Came up against several folk who were forced back due to no ice axe/crampons etc.Pulled a calf muscle after collapsing in to deep snow.White out on the way down.Happy days.
John Robinson
wrote on July 23, 2009:
Set off at 7 pm and joggged up in just under an hour. Took 25 minutes to get down running at a fair pace. I'd missed this when doing the Lawers ridges walk a couple of years back so it was on my to do list when passing the area. Last walk of a busy couple of days. Great view of Lawers. The sun beginning to set creating a soft crimson sky, and a rainbow shimmering over Loch Tay, made this a very picturesque evening walk.
Leon Mooney
wrote on July 20, 2008:
Climbed on 20/07/08- took the path from the Visitor's Centre car park to the summit. A day with a cold biting wind and passing showers making the climb slightly more difficult than it should have been. "Ben Lawers seen from Beinn Ghlas" is one of the few photos that is not deceptive - they really are that close!
John Wilkie
wrote on February 16, 2007:
Thought this one was going to be really easy....quick lesson learned...no mountain is easy when the weather turns. Had intended to continue onto Lawers but made the decision to turn back after peaking Ghlas. The wind was raging and it whipped up white out conditions very rapidly. The bothy bag was used for the first time, which gave us a much needed rest from the constant buffeting. Hard to keep our feet on the ground! There are a couple of nice flat plateau's near the top that rested your legs for a while. Satisfying day made interesting by the conditions.
Sam Barber
wrote on February 10, 2007:
As part of an attempted round trip of Ghlas, Lawers, An Stuc, Meall Garbh and Meall Greigh. A fairly easy climb, though very poor visibility. Summited in about 1'45.
Andrew Bassett
wrote on May 8, 2006:
Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers were out first Munros. The visitors centre makes a good starting point and the clear path leads first up to the top of Beinn Ghlas and then on to Ben Lawers. At times we found the route hard going, however this was down to our poor levels of fitness and experience. Once at the top of Ben Lawers it felt like we were on the top of the world. The views were truly amazing. We are now hooked and hope to clime many more mountains.
Paul Duncan
wrote on May 13, 2004:
I climbed this munro back in February with the 6th/8th boys' brigade. I felt that it was at times slightly difficult, however overall an extremely enjoyable walk which i intend on re-doing. I would certainly recommend this walk to anyone, whether you want a simple, or a difficult walk this munro is the one for you. Panoramic views from most parts of the munro, however wrap up, no matter how sunny at the bottom when you are 250ft away from the top it gets a bit chilly (snow blizzard).
Kayleigh Mcgowan
wrote on October 8, 2003:
This was my fifth munro it was by far the easiest. I set out at 10.00 on 5th of October with my friend and her dad. There was a clear path at the top. but it was really misty and cold. By the time I was three quarters of the way up my ears and nose were bright red! I heard the deer rutting it was like thunder. I had only ever heard them once before beside Loch Fanniach. I found the views ( when the mist parted) very beautiful. The sun was shining on Loch Tay. I went on to do Ben Lawers but it was so cold. I'm coming back in the summer.
Alex Joyce
wrote on January 26, 2003:
Three of us set out to do Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers on 12th January 2003. In near white out conditions we were forced to call it a day on the summit of Beinn Ghlas. The rest will have to wait for another day.
Jim Bull
wrote on December 25, 2002:
Two of us set off to climb Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers on Dec 22, shortest day of the year. We were rewarded with great views most of the time, snow covering much of the ugly erosion caused by the 1000's of boots that trudge up these hills every year. We did Beinn Ghlas first & then Ben Lawers, 2 fairly easy ascents in just 3 hours. To return we went SW from the col between the 2 hills & followed a path that went round the base of Beinn Ghlas to join an old drove road at the col between BG & Meall Corranaich. This then meets up with the upward route just north of the deer fence.
Malk Rae
wrote on October 8, 2002:
An easy climb for any beginner, great views from the sumit.
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