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Chris Mercer
wrote on April 8, 2012:
Certainly worthwhile combing An Stuc with Meall Greigh and Meall Garbh. Best climbed anticlockwise to avoid very awkward descent off An Stuc, easy scramble when ascending, no difficulties and dog managed it nae bother. Not sure about MM's suggested route of leaving out An Stuc and descending off Meall Garbh, you could get into difficulties on steep ground around Creag a' Bhuic and this shouldn't be attempted in bad weather. If you don't want to do An Stuc better to go back to the bealach between Meall Garbh and Meal Greigh and follow the fence line down for an easy descent.
George Dyball
wrote on July 26, 2010:
My first Munro's a bit showery with no clear views, first 2 climbs were good but An Stuc was a bit of a challenge for me at the top. I am sure I will have worse to come in the future though. Got the bug, too early to say yet. :-)
Robert Ferguson
wrote on July 7, 2010:
7th July parked car at Ben Lawers Hotel. Climbed Meall Garbh and Meall Greigh enroute to An Stuc. Windy day but pleasant climbing. A bit of a steep scramble up to the summit of An Stuc.
Alan Cantwell
wrote on September 28, 2009:
My son Alan, my collies Tino & Ollie and I bagged Beinn Ghlas, Ben Lawers & An Stuc on the 27th September 2009. I diligently (as usual) checked the met office weather report at 0630hrs in the morning where it stated “small chance of rain with clear views of distant hills”! Lesson learned: Don’t believe the met office! ;o) It ended up being a brilliant walk with all 3 Munros wrapped up in 6 hours. The leg between Ben Lawers & An Stuc is pretty steep and would, I reckon, be a bit “Tricky” in snow or ice. In conclusion a great day out and well worth hitting all 3 in a day!
Neil Feltham
wrote on April 6, 2009:
This climb was not as scarey as I though. Having said that I was climbing up it! I experienced some snow on the only route that I felt comfortable with but with no ice axe, I ended up having to punch/kick into the snow to create foot/hand holds. A big lesson was learnt there if you are climbing this time of year then take an ice axe at the very least. I was very lucky this time... don't make the same mistake as I did!
Pete Swales
wrote on March 27, 2009:
When I ascended An Stuc on that cold, snow-ridden steep ridge, it scared the living hell out of me. Only attempt this in snow with at least an ice axe or you'll be done for.. It was a cracking feat.!
Leon Mooney
wrote on July 20, 2008:
Climbed on 20/07/08 after an ascent of Beinn Ghlas and then Ben Lawers. The descent to Creag an Fhithich was straightforward enough, as was the descent to the Bealach Dubh. The ascent of An Stuc took less time than expected, and I was glad to have reached this one from the south. My day ended here, and I re-ascended Ben Lawers before taking the path round Beinn Ghlas. A fine day out with my first ever triple Munros!
Sam Barber
wrote on February 21, 2008:
As part of second Lawers massif attempt, sadly Siri came a cropper on the last 30M of descent from this peak in icy terrain and blizzard conditions, heavily bruising his back and ankles. Due to the intense pain, the expedition again had to be abandoned and escape made down to Lochan nan Cat from whence ensued a hellish struggle through the freezing dark back to the main road to flag down some assistance. B*****d mountain!!!!
John Wilkie
wrote on March 25, 2007:
Loved this climb easy to the summit from Lawers then couldn,t find the descent down the East face. Picked a route down and stuck with it, bit hairy in places due to iced over grass and snow spots. Great wee scramble. Marty shat himself...hehe!
Mike Watson
wrote on January 29, 2006:
The North Face with crampons & ice axe isn't too bad. Nice snowfield helped gain plenty of altitude very quickly and then a straightforward climb after that. Be careful on the traverse round though, no room for mistakes.
David Boyd
wrote on August 27, 2004:
Having completed the Lawers ridge four times now (twice W to E and twice E to W) have at last reasonably sorted out the East face ascent/decent of An Stuc. For the ascent, follow the scree path to the point where there is no obvious single route ahead. Scramble over some rocks on the left to land up at the foot of a fine staircase carved into the grass. This takes you virtually to the summit. For the descent, move to the right just as the path from the summit begins to drop steeply to pick up the grass route described above. The advantages are less exposure and generally surer footing
Andy Ross
wrote on November 27, 2002:
As commented on by others, the path leading to the summit on the East side of An Stuc is very steep, badly eroded and may be considered to be overly exposed by many. In full winter or even just icy conditions this so called path will require great care and probably should be avoided without appropriate equipment. See the photos for an illustration!
Roger Green
wrote on August 20, 2002:
Even on a good dry, clear day I found the descent of An Stuc difficult and a little frightening. It is extremely steep although a clear path guides you down all the difficult sections there is moderate exposure especially on the upper half of the descent. In winter or in rain I would regard this route as "not on".
John Walker
wrote on June 20, 2002:
Do not attempt this part of the Lawyers ridge in winter unless properly shod in crampons - I forgot mine, and had a tricky situation on the steep path which had become an ice-fall. Obvious I know, but easily done.
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