Advertise your Accommodation for just £30 per year
  • receives up to 1500 unique visitors each day
  • We have excellent search engine placement for many mountain names including the number one position for the term 'Munros' in the most popular search engine, Google.
  • 50% of our visitors come from Google and 50% of our traffic is from new visitors to the site
  • A low annual cost of just £30 - just one nights accommodation could cover your annual cost.
  • Geographically focused advertising - get seen on the pages for mountains and routes in your area
  • Some of our visitors are planning a trip to your area right now. is one of the most popular sites with walkers and climbers in the UK.

Since our launch in 2001, our traffic levels have continued to grow and we receive up to 1,500 visitors per day. are now able to offer advertising on our detailed information pages for businesses offering accommodation to the hill-walking public.

For a fee of £30 per annum the details of your business will be displayed on the route and mountain information pages close to your locaion. This focuses your services at those hill walkers planning a visit to your area. Moreover, when a route that includes your selected Munros is viewed or printed then your contact details will be included.

To see an example of what we can do for you, check out our information page for Ben Nevis.

Some of our visitors will be planning a visit to your area and may require your services. Hill-walking is growing in popularity and the number climbing Ben Nevis alone is estimated to exceed 100,000 each year.

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