Getting Started provides a facility to plan an expedition into Scotlands mountains. Whether you are planning a day trip or an approach to climbing all 282 Munros, 222 Corbetts and 222 Grahams we have the tools and information.

The route descriptions available on this site are not intended for use in isolation and are best understood in conjunction with the Ordnance Survey (OS) Landranger series of detailed maps.

Working with data
Before explaining the options for selecting data it is first important to understand how MunroMagic handles the results of your search. Once you have made a selection which returns a list of mountains this selection will be used in all ranking operations until another search is performed or one of the predefined lists of mountains is selected.
Searching the database
The database can be searched using one of the following methods
  • Quick Search - Each page contains a QuickSearch text box within Search drop down menu. Simply enter a text string and press return to start the search.
  • Search by Map - You may follow the link to the search by map page where you may specify a search for mountains or routes. Select by clicking on the map or by specifying attributes (ascent, route time and distance).
Weather forecasts
Often the weather is the deciding factor in any outdoor activity in Scotland. To assist in planning your day we have provided a link to various mountain forecast pages. These are specifically for mountain conditions in a given geographic area (varies) and are available from the information page for each mountain.
Our Disclaimer
The details provided on our website are an aid to planning an expedition, but all distances, altitudes and bearings must be considered approximate. You must navigate with the appropriate map, a compass, your navigation skills and common sense, accept no responsibility for your interpretation of our information.
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